Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekend Promotions!

I'm promoting my Sing A Vintage Rainbow Series today!  This is part six in the series:

You can view the others in the series by clicking on View VintageStation's other treasuries lists.
What are you promoting today?
Have a great weekend!
Today I want to tell you about the antique marquee letters we sell....


My husband was selling some items at an outdoor show when he was approached by someone with a small group of old, chippy paint marquee letters....that they wanted to sell :)
Because my husband could rival the American Picker guys in knowing when something is wonderful, he knew right away that these were something very special....

Long turns out there were quite a few of these antique letters still stored in the original warehouse of the company that produced them from the late 1800's - the early 1900's (last patent date was 1917).

We still sell these letters but sadly the supply is getting low..and many letters are no longer available :(
We have kept a complete alphabet for ourselves however :)
They come in 3 sizes, we sell the largest (8&1/2") primarily, only using the smaller letters in words where we like a random size look.
My sister, peppercorns2, sells the smaller sizes in her shops...

Happy Sunday everyone!!!
Well, after much contemplation and pushing (gentle pushing from loving friends)
I'm promoting my vintage shop.  It is finally open again but it's like starting over, which is kinda nice.  Slow but sure it will grow, but stop by and take a look.
Vintage Brooch with Faux Pearls and Pink and Blue Rhinestones
Vintage Brooch from

Welcome Back Dude!  Nice to see your shop opened again and I love that brooch up there!

Here is today's treasury as part of my Sing A Vintage Rainbow Series, last one in the series is tomorrow.

Friday, April 29, 2011

"A Day In The Life With Butch"

Do you have your coffee and morning snack yet?  If not, go get it, pull up your chair and get ready.  Today I have someone that you may have seen before.  (a little birdie told me a story which led me to this weeks interview)  If you don’t recognize him or his shop, you may have seen him in another media form.  He’s got a unique art form, runs an auction, and really enjoys what he does.  Today, we’re going to take a look into the life of . . .

Butch, owner of 

Duuude:  How long have you been creating your works?

Butch:  Started my museum in the 1970's when I found a dinosaur bone in the creek in Seale.

Duuude:  What inspired you get into this area?  And what all types of materials do you use? 
Butch:  See John Henry Toney and the turnip root story.  Use found objects.
Puppet Man
Duuude:  Tell us a little bit about your process.  

Butch:  I take old photos and intertwangle them into other things, animals , plants ...

Duuude:  Where do you typically get your supplies?
Clark Balloon
Butch:  All material come from the Possum Trot JUNK auction every Friday night at 7 est in Seale , Alabama

Duuude:  Where do you get your ideas for your items?

Butch:  Ideas come out of my warped brain , if you stare at a object long enough it will turn into something else
Green Shingle Mask
Duuude:  Where do you sell your items?

Butch:  Etsy, museum of wonder mostly, and 6 to 10 galleries around the US

Duuude:  Do you have a blog or any other sites that you are involved in that you would like to share with us?

(this is a great article so don't miss it)

Pot Head, Square
And here’s a video that Etsy did with Butch.  It’s in his profile but I thought I would share it here in case you missed it.

Thanks Butch, for sharing just a small part of your life with us.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, Butch had an appearance on the History Channel show “American Pickers”.  Mike and Frank paid a visit to the “Possum Trot Auction”.  If you missed that episode, I found out it will be showing again this coming Tues (May 3rd).  Make sure you see it.  It was a fun episode.

Now go visit his shop, read the articles and show him some love.  And thanks again for taking part of your Friday and sharing it with ACJ.  See ya next time!
~~~ Duuude ~~~

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sand Pails

I love the beauty of lithographed items.  One of my favorite items are metal sand pails.  I thought I'd share some to be found online.  Clicking on images will take you directly to the items for sale.

Above:  From RichardandRuthie on Etsy
I found two square ones, I've never seen these before!

Above:  From Dollsantique on Ruby Lane and below from Huxtins:

You can still find them in antique shops and at flea markets, if you are patient!  If not, there's also reproductions now, you can start your own vintage collection for later!
Both of these are from Picky Picky Me:

Above is seaside, below is Atlantic City.

At the Gatherings, you can find this one:

Stop by and check out this blog post regarding sand pails:

By Completely Coastal on Blogspot.
Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lucky Horseshoes

Some people believe you have to hang a horseshoe up in the U shape to keep the luck from running out. Others believe you hang it pointing down so the luck runs into the owner. All agree that any horseshoe hung up must have been worn by a horse for it to be lucky.

If the horseshoe is stolen or borrowed the luck still goes towards the owner. If you find a horse shoe then the luck is yours as you are the new owner.

It is said that faeries and such do not like iron and will not cross a threshold that has an iron horseshoe above it. Supposedly houses that had a horseshoe hanging up did not suffer any loss of thimbles, babies or old folk. One must believe in faeries to agree that this is a fact and not just a story.

Another story tells of how the devil heard the blacksmith hammering away and he decided that he wanted his hooves shod. Well, when the blacksmith finished the devil was in such pain that he begged the blacksmith to remove the shoes.  The blacksmith would not remove them until the devil promised to never enter a house with a horseshoe hanging over the door.

So whether or not you believe in faeries, the devil story or just all around good luck, horse shoes are fun. I have shown some here that have been made into decorative and useful objects.



I also made a treasury of horseshoes;

~may the luck of the shoe be with you~


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Virtual Craft Show Booth

Most of us are looking for new venues where we can either sell or advertise our products. How does a virtual craft show booth sound? In cruising the blogs the other day I found what to me is a brand new idea where we can advertise and sell what's in our shops at the same time. This information was gleaned from

Check out the website and Chelsea Rainbows blog to read an informative summary.

This is a site where you pay a small fee each month and they showcase your items. They accept handmade, supplies, and vintage. The staff helps you set up your virtual booth with pictures of your product and a banner. HandmadeCraftShow does their own advertising and their goal is to get your shop "out there" and noticed.

The site does not have a shopping cart. The purpose is to feature the handmade artist and then lead people to your shop. Buyers can then purchase the item that caught their eye or browse around your shop and maybe find other items they like.

Here are a few of the shops that currently have booths:

I would show you pictures of the booths, but that doesn't seem to be working too well....but if you click the links you can see how nice the booths look. I'm seriously considering trying this out.

Pepper/Helmet Head/PepperHead

Monday, April 25, 2011

An Art Gallery


I have always felt that many vintage items could be displayed as stand alone objects in an Art Gallery.  I love the sculptural lines, the vibrant colors, the unique characteristics of many vintage Here is my version of a very special Art Gallery.  I hope it gives you a new way to "view" vintage and antique objects.
Just click on the shop name beneath each item to be taken to the shops.

Good news just in....Austinmodern has a 10% off coupon code for blog features and they would like to offer it to our readers:   "AusMod1010" can be used at checkout!


While browsing the vintage items on Etsy I found so many unique items for my "Gallery" that I created a treasury just for them....please click on the link below the treasury and spend time visiting my "Art Gallery"!

                                              Art Gallery

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Weekend Promotions!

This weekend, Sat. and Sun. only, purchase anything from my Not So Fine Arts department and receive 20% off total purchase, excluding shipping.
All items are either Homco or Burwood products!
Sale ends midnight Sunday, April 24th, Etsy time.  :o)  Discount will be refunded to your PayPal account or contact me for updated costs before you purchase.
Here's an example of what is on sale!

Have a great weekend!


Wishing everyone  a Blessed Easter tomorrow...

No sale in my shop but thought I would share this item today..
Happy Easter everyone!

I am not having an Easter sale either but wanted to show off one of my favorite Easter Egg ornaments. When I found the card that had this little bunny band on it I just had to use the images.


Happy Easter Everyone!
Just thought I would share one of my favorite cards today. 

Yes, He is faithful, even when we’re not.
And during this Easter season,
I’m just reminded of that more and more.
Enjoy time with family and friends.
And take a moment to reflect on the true
Meaning of Easter.
~~ Duuude ~~

Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter

Just wanted to share this little Spring bag with you

Little White Gift Bag with Fabric Flower and Handpainted Leaves


Friday, April 22, 2011

"A Day in the Life with Fritzi”

This week, we’re gonna take another look 
into the world of “vintage”.  
As one of my cohorts always says, “vintage rocks”.  They just don’t make things like they used to 
so if you really love the old, 
well made items of yester year, 
then vintage finds are the way to go.
So grab your coffee and apple Danish, 
pull up a chair and come join me as we look into 

A Day In the Life with Fritzi Marie, owner of

Duuude:  How long have you been into collecting and selling? 

Fritzi:  I started collecting vintage treasures in 1989.  I was a freshman in high school and I was starting to "find" myself.  I found that I was in love with the past.  My Daddy was in his seventies then and our favorite thing to do together was to watch films from his youth and Gene Kelly musicals.  I fell in love with set and costume design at a very young age.  My wardrobe and bedroom decor was found at thrift stores, flea markets and yard sales.  Back then, there were treasures everywhere.  Nowadays the hunt is more challenging. 
Music Box 
Duuude:  What got you into the vintage market? 

Fritzi:  I have been collecting and planning to open a vintage Etsy shop for four years but I kept putting it off wanting it to be perfect right out of the gate.  It wasn't until last year when my husband and I were unemployed that I realized that I needed to stop waiting for everything to be perfect and go for it.  I've learned so much and I am so happy that I went ahead and opened my shop.  You don't have to have everything "perfect" to do what you want to do. 
Floral Nevco Tray
Duuude:  Where do you usually find your treasures? 

Fritzi:  My favorite way to find treasure is to hunt at yard and estate sales.  I also love flea markets.  Here in the South (where I am now), I love going to antique stores where they sometimes have fabulous deals and are a great source of inspiration.  My favorite place to go in Alabama is The Possum Trot Auction on Friday nights in Sealle, Alabama.  I love that I never know what to expect.  It's treasure hunting combined with adventure taking and that makes me happy. 
Click to go to her blog
(Duuude:  Just a side note:  if you enjoy the show on the History Channel, American Pickers, they did a show that featured “The Possum Trot Auction”.  Was very fun and I can see why Fritzi likes to go there!)

Duuude:  Do you have any online research sites that you would like to share with our readers? 

Fritzi:  I've found that research is key when running a vintage Etsy shop.  You should always follow your instincts and only sell what you like.  If you wouldn't feature it in your home or gift it to a friend then I don't think you should stand behind it.  Your shop can be an extension of yourself and your creative outlet.  The blogging world has a wealth of inspiration and design ideas.  Read blogs, make friends, and watch for trends. 
Blue Aluminum Pitcher
Duuude:  Where do you see your items? 

Fritzi:  I sell my treasure in my Etsy shop, Fritzi Marie Vintage:

Duuude:  Anything else you would like us to know? 

Fritzi:  If you love to treasure hunt and want to open a shop.  Do it.  Follow your dream and be creative.  A dear friend of mine told me, "Do what you want to do, not what you have to do".  It is an adventure and you never know where you may end up. 
Fritzi and Bono
 Duuude:  Do you have a blog or any other sites you belong to that would be nice for our readers to see? 
Fritzi and Daniel
Fritzi:  I blog about my adventures with my husband Daniel and our 10 year old puppy Bono Baby at:

Thanks so much for sharing with us Fritzi.  
Vintage rocks and we hope your shop 
continues to soar!  
So now, go wander through her shop, 
give her a heart or two 
and don’t forget to check back here and see 
what’s up with the ACJ crew over the weekend.

Have a wonderful Easter, and see ya next week.
Duuude   : )