Friday, September 30, 2011


Hello everyone and happy Friday.

I just wanted to take today to give you an update.  Peggy’s Dad is doing better ~ and breathing on his own today.  Though he is not out of the woods, this is definitely a great improvement.

We would ask that you continue to pray and send your happy and positive thoughts their way.  Love and concern has no boundaries so no matter where you are, they can feel it.

On behalf of the O’Neil family and the ACJ crew, thank you for your continued prayer support for their family.  It’s a rough road ahead but with friends like you all, they will get through it.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Unique Artist Structures Continued

First things first, please continue sending Peggy (MSS &GG) positive thoughts and best wishes for a speedy recovery for her dad!  Peggy, I hope you know you are all in our thoughts and prayers!  You have a lot of friends sending you positive vibes!

Second, I understand there has been a great deal of followers that have not been able to post comments.  I'm really sorry about that.  I tried on several occasions to find out what the problem was with Blogger help and kept getting the runaround.  Frustrated the other night, I decided to take matters in my own hands and figured I'd either blow up the blog or fix it, something had to give!  I messed around and think it's fixed!  At least until the next problem comes along!  Thank you all for your patience!  We all love our followers and hope you continue to return to our blog!

Now, back to our regularly scheduled post about strange buildings!  Enjoy.

Today's subjects are all barns with designs on the roof, surprisingly called um,  roof art barns!  Some have lettering, some have pictures and all of these for today are in Indiana:
Burns Trucking
Cow Art
More Cow Art
Deer Art
Duck Art
Flag Art
More Flag Art
Horse Head Art
King Lettering Art
Leffel Lettering Art
Mickey Mouse Art
Pig Art
Pony Art
Tractor Art
Semi Truck Art

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I have a favor to ask….

original painting done by Charles O’Neil

Peggy, (aka GG)
Is in need of prayers, healing thoughts, love and hugs for her and her family.
Her dad has just had the second of two operations and had a few complications.  He had come through the first long surgery pretty well last week and this was the second one.

I believe that the power of prayer can work wonders and healing. Not only for the person in need, but for the loved ones surrounding this person. Sending healing thoughts can surround Peggy’s father with love and warmth and give positive energy, not only to him but his family as well.
So any thought, prayer, or well wishes would greatly help and be deeply appreciated.

Thank you

There's A New Man At My House!

And his name is Herbie :)

My husband was with me when I found Herbie and even tho he was not really excited about me bringing a new man home with us....He has grown quite fond of Herbie himself!

When Herbie first arrived at our home, he checked out the living conditions....

Introduced himself to some of the others who live with us (Dude this one's for you :)

Investigated some small spaces....

Even managed to get himself into a tight situation!  This one required a rescue...just saying...

He was starting to get bored so I put him to work as my prop person in some of  my photos for our shop...

I guess I overworked him because the other day I found him like this!!!!!  OH NO!!!!

We immediately sent him off on a bus trip for a nice relaxing vacation...And he gets to drink all the tea he wants...but now he says he needs some scones, strawberries and clotted cream....sigh...

He is supposed to be back from vacation soon, I wonder what his next adventure will be ???  Men can be so exhausting!


Monday, September 26, 2011

Autumn Gallery of Original Art from the Etsy Artists

I love Autumn. I'm always ready for it after a long hot summer and the colors are so beautiful.  The Fall season renews my spirit as much as Sring does.

So I went looking to see what the Etsy artists are creating to celebrate this wonderful season.  I figured that the colors would give an artist true inspiration, and I wasn't disappointed.

Here are a few that I found, and I hope you enjoy the Autumn Gallery of Original Art from the Etsy Artists.

Autumn Red, 8 x 10 original oil by Anthony Soskich

Original Autumn Oil painting

Royal Rainbow Collection Series Fine Art Original Paintings Heather R Lange

Fall Colors - Original Watercolor Cards

Low PriCe Autumn Original Handpainted Abstract Acrylic on 20x16in Canvas Beautiful Colors Lots of Texture

Fall Leaves

Usher in Autumn, original abstract landscape oil painting

Birches Autumn

Autumn is Lovely FREE SHIPPNG

Autumns Palette - Birch Trees in Fall Color - Glass Tile Photo Pendant - Original Photography

Autumn in Prospect Park - Original Oil Painting 8" x 6"

Colors of Fall  8x10 original acrylic on canvas painting

Autumn Rain

Original acrylic painting Fall Colors Autumn Tree sky Landscape impressionist 8X10 on Masonite

Original ACEO WaterColor painting Autumn Landscape 5

October Morning, Tumalo Creek - original oil painting

Wheat Fields Original Acrylic Painting Mini Art with Display Easel Nature Landscape Neutral Brown Rust Tan

This gallery could go on forever, but I hope it's excited your interest and you'll check out all the original artwork that's available on Etsy and all the other e-commerce sites as well.  There is original art available to everyone no matter what your budget is.

(Yes, I know it's VE's day, but she encountered a major computer problem so we switched days.)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Autumn

Happy first day of Autumn.  Summer is officially over and fall has begun.  Though you might not see all the colors of the season yet, rest assured it will happen when you least expect it!

In honor of the first day of fall, I decided to do another Etsy treasury of fall/Autumn items.  I’m starting to like making treasuries but they sure do take time.  First the theme, then products, and before you realize it, maybe 2-3 hours have gone by.  (or in my case, maybe more)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this look at Autumn.  Click on the photos to be taken to each shop or simply click on the treasury name.  Who knows, you might find the perfect item to fit your seasonal d├ęcor at home!

Thanks again for stopping by, have a great weekend!
~~~ Duuude ~~~

Thursday, September 22, 2011

More Unusual Buildings!

Even more buildings in my artist building series!

Marshmallow House - Allegheny Co - PA
Pagoda - Berks Co - PA
Movie Theater - Britsh Columbia - Canada

Chain Building - Groningen in the Netherlands
Ship Building - Guilford Co - NC
Chest of Drawers - Guilford Co - NC
Shark Building - Horry Co - SC
Boulder House -  Lawrence Co - OH
Longaberger Office Building - Licking Co - OH
Human Body Building - Oegstgeest, The Netherlands
Chapel in the Hills - Pennington Co - SD
Bottle Apartment Building - Richmond Co - VA
Duck House - Suffolk Co - NY
Space House - Warren Co. OH
Shoe House - York Co - PA

Have a great day!