Sunday, July 31, 2011

The LIbrary

I have always loved going to the Library, especially when I was younger, well... a lot younger! 

The Library
I  loved everything about the library, the smell, the BOOKS, the date stamp and the card for when the book was due back, looking books up in the card file, even the Librarian...who was always ready to help me find just the right books :)

I think this is one of the reasons I love typography, words, books and reading...I really do LOVE to read!  I am always on the lookout for interesting books and have a "few" in my mini library here at my home.  In fact one of my newly discovered "treasures" is a 1930's book of printer's fonts!

I hope this memory treasury brings back wonderful memories for you too!

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

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Have a wonderful weekend.
Pepper, Pep, Helmet Head

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Friday, July 29, 2011

The Land Down Under

There aren’t many places that I’ve been where I can say I was a sightseer or tourist or took tons of pictures, but I did visit Australia back in the mid 80’s.  Thanks to the internet, I can share some of the places I saw while I was there.  I spent all my time around the Sydney area but did venture out a couple of times. 

On one of my trips, I wanted to find the famous “Blue Mountains”.  I had read about the “Three Sisters” and just had to see.  So off I went, map in hand (or should I say front seat) and hoping I wouldn’t get lost. 
Three Sisters up close
Three Sisters, Blue Mountains
Three Sisters at sunset
I found this place that had a natural stairway down into the valley below, and started my adventure downward.  Okay, I didn’t bother to read the plaque up top that talked about it, but after about 30 minutes or so, decided this was NOT what I wanted to do, and didn’t really think I could make it.
Entrance to the Giant Stairway
Upon reaching the top again, I noticed the plaque that read “over 800 steps”.  YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!  Needless to say, I’m glad I turned around when I did.  Here is a little excerpt from one website that describes it:

This walk starts at the most popular lookout in the Blue Mountains, and passes one of Australia's most famous landmarks, The Three Sisters. After descending into the valley and enjoying the views along the bottom of the cliffs you catch the scenic railway back up the hill. With great views of the valley, and a beautiful forest environment, this is a popular walk. All the more because at the end, the world's steepest railway is available to take walkers back up to the top of the cliffs. This walk is not suitable for people with heart or breathing difficulties and for those with a fear of heights.

Half way point
Didn't look that scary, until you're in it!
Funny, they didn’t mention the over 800 steps!  Haha

Though I didn’t get right up close, I did get to see the views of that area.  Breathtaking is all I can say.  Enjoy some of the images I found from that area.
Wind Erosion rocks
Govetts Leap, Blue Mountains
Wentworth Falls
My frequent hang out was Manly Beach:  reminded me of Hawaii, crystal clear water and you could go out 50 yards and only be up to your waist in the water.  And they had the best gyros there.  Yummmmmmmm.
Walkway to Manly Beach
Manly Beach Shops

I hope to some day get back to Australia.  There is so much more I want to see, like the Great Barrier Reef!  Until then, I will just dream about it!

Hope you enjoyed your visit to the land down under.  
Thanks for stopping by!
Have a great weekend
~~~ Duuude ~~~

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Seems it is travel week on the ACJ blog.  So, I'll tell you about my all time favorite place to visit, Boston, MA!
One place not to be missed and my favorite aquarium is the New England Aquarium. is their official website.  Stop by and just look at some of the displays, I love the touch tanks!  And I could watch the penguins forever!
Another thing I can do for hours is people watch!  Best place for that is Faneuil Hall Marketplace.  This is a place you can spend days exploring, great shops, eateries and historic events.  You might just see Ben Franklin milling about!
While there, make sure you eat at Durgin Park, known for their rude wait staff!  The food is excellent and it's a fun place to eat:  Get there on off hours if you want a table to yourself or you might have to sit at a large table with others and eat family style.  Either way, it's a hoot! 
There is so much to see and do right in Boston that I'd recommend at least 7 days just for that but there's also so much to do in the surrounding areas.  Salem, known for the witch hunts, is nearby and visit some famous authors houses and such.  One place I have not had the pleasure of seeing is the Public Garden and have always regretted that.  Don't forget to visit Cheers while there!
(ducks at the Public Garden)
Have a great day!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Beaches in Italy

My in-laws were living in Italy part time so we had the opportunity to go over a few times.
The first time I went the girls were only 1 and 4 years old. We did some sightseeing but usually stayed within a few hours of the house.
I had always wanted to see Pompeii ever since I had read about it in school. It is pretty amazing and they are still excavating large areas of it.

The last time I went was a couple of years ago. It was a girl’s trip.
 My m-i-l, s-i-l, me and my girls had decided that we were going to check out both coasts.  The house was a bout 45 minutes from Naples, so one day we took a boat ride up the Almafi coast.

This is one of the coastal villages we got to stop at

Waiting for the boat ride back

Another day we thought we would go spend it at the beach. Most of the beaches there are not really what we are used to here. A lot of them are just small rocky areas but we did fine one that actually had some sand.

It was beautiful, the water was warm and pretty calm. They had chairs all set up so once you paid to use the beach you could pick any chair for the day.

We then drove to the other side of Italy, which took about 5 hours, but it was well worth it when we got there.

This “beach” had decking put over the rocks as there really wasn’t any beach there. The spot was too good for it not to be used and people would have gone down there anyway. I guess this made it a little safer for everyone. Notice all the shells and rocks washed up on it. That is what a lot of the beaches have in place of sand.

This was packed all day long, at least before the ocean got too rough.

We went to a local Pizzeria here and as soon as the owner heard us speaking he came over and wanted to practice his English on us. We had one of the best meals there. Another place where the food was amazing was at the Safari…yes, their safari had a 5 star restaurant tucked away in there that was out of this world.

And no….it didn’t serve exotic meats, but the local cheeses were phenomenal!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Or You Could Visit Bishop, California

Bishop, California is in the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountain range not far from the Nevada stateline. Bishop has a population of about 3500, and it's nearest neighbor, Big Pine has a population of about 1500. The two towns are only about 13 miles apart. Indian reservations are an important part of the area also. To the North is the town of Mammoth Lakes which is well-known for skiing.

There is a Mural Society that has painted several murals on the sides of buildings, depicting the town's history.

Canals run throughout the town. Everyone has a huge inner tube so they can go "tubbing" down the canals.  Walkers and joggers use the paths as well as the dog walkers.

We would pack a lunch and backpack, and hike up into the mountains on trails that follow the creeks. I loved to take a book and when we would stop for a bit, I'd just sit back and have a quiet time reading. For me it was close to heaven.

 I lived here for many years and loved it. Great drinking water, clean air, perfect weather with four seasons (but mild winters). Well, you do get a snowstorm about once or twice a year. The best trout fishing, so many lakes I can't remember how many, but we're talking well over 120! Yep, you're right, I do miss it. I have to admit moving to the desert took a little bit of adjusting to.

The area also abounds with the greatest artists. Watercolor, oil, photography, artists from every media can be found in the Eastern Sierra's.

 Now I've really made myself homesick! Maybe it's time for me to go back for a visit. :)
Pepper, Pep, Helmet Head

Monday, July 25, 2011

Want to Visit Libby, Montana?

We just returned from there!

When people think of Montana they tend to think of "Big Sky Country" and ranch land....lots of ranch land!  That is true of middle and Eastern Montana but the North West corner is mountains, trees, lakes, rivers, deer, elk, moose, bears, bobcats, mountain get the is wild and wonderful country!

How about I show you some pictures we took last week?

We took a trip "up the road a piece" to Kootenai Falls and the Swinging Bridge
a magnificent section of the Kootenai River...

 the Swinging Bridge

The bridge doesn't look to scary from this view does it????  Well here is what it really looks like!

See that thin little line hanging across the water?  That is the swinging bridge...and NO...I did not go across it...I am not a fan of heights!  OK, I admit...I am just a big chicken....

We saw this great railroad bridge over another section of the river....I do love the look of bridges....

On the back of the property where we were staying was a little stream...(little stream now, but this winter it froze..when the ice broke loose it blocked the stream at the bridge section...several homes were flooded :(
It looks so innocent now doesn't it?

Because the stream provides access to water and the foliage on the property provides seclusion it is the perfect place for Mama Doe to bed down with her new fawns...

Yep, she has twins...but I could only photograph one of them...the other was way to fast to get a photo of!
Notice they still have their spots...or at least the one you can see does...

The Doe, her fawns and a young 2 point Buck were daily visitors...along with Mama wild turkey and her babies...all in a row...but by the time I had my camera ready they were gone.

Just remember to drive carefully...and watch for this

That is what a deer in the headlights looks like!