Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekend Promotions!

I'm promoting my Sing A Vintage Rainbow Series today!  This is part six in the series:

You can view the others in the series by clicking on View VintageStation's other treasuries lists.
What are you promoting today?
Have a great weekend!
Today I want to tell you about the antique marquee letters we sell....


My husband was selling some items at an outdoor show when he was approached by someone with a small group of old, chippy paint marquee letters....that they wanted to sell :)
Because my husband could rival the American Picker guys in knowing when something is wonderful, he knew right away that these were something very special....

Long turns out there were quite a few of these antique letters still stored in the original warehouse of the company that produced them from the late 1800's - the early 1900's (last patent date was 1917).

We still sell these letters but sadly the supply is getting low..and many letters are no longer available :(
We have kept a complete alphabet for ourselves however :)
They come in 3 sizes, we sell the largest (8&1/2") primarily, only using the smaller letters in words where we like a random size look.
My sister, peppercorns2, sells the smaller sizes in her shops...

Happy Sunday everyone!!!
Well, after much contemplation and pushing (gentle pushing from loving friends)
I'm promoting my vintage shop.  It is finally open again but it's like starting over, which is kinda nice.  Slow but sure it will grow, but stop by and take a look.
Vintage Brooch with Faux Pearls and Pink and Blue Rhinestones
Vintage Brooch from

Welcome Back Dude!  Nice to see your shop opened again and I love that brooch up there!

Here is today's treasury as part of my Sing A Vintage Rainbow Series, last one in the series is tomorrow.

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