Wednesday, November 30, 2011


The past couple of weeks have been rough. There seems to be something going on around every corner, so what can be better than a bunch of smiling faces.

If you can find something to smile about even at the worst or saddest times, then you will be ok.
That is my theory anyway.

I mean really, can you look at these happy faces and not smile a little? What could be more fun than wearing something smiling?

Or to have a big smiley face plastered on your wall.
Hanging on your Christmas tree

 Of course you need some happy hands and fingers too

Believe it or not but I feel a little bit more lighthearted just showing these items. Ahhh the power of smiles :) 

Whether you are having one of the best days or the worst, I hope you find a little smile in your heart.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011


It was almost time for out-of-town company to begin arriving and I was putting the finishing touches on the house.  Thanksgiving was going to be a smooth and flawless day this year.  Then it happened! The towel rod in the guest bath fell off the wall for the last time.  It had always been a problem and this time it just gave up. Totally!

This is what I found on the floor.

Out to the garage I go, mentally trying to figure out a solution, a really fast solution!  The first idea wasted about two hours before I finally decided it was never going to happen.  So I grabbed an unpainted shelf and a can of paint, the brushes, and some screws.

First thing was to patch those huge holes.

We have really terrible dry wall and it's very difficult to hang anything on the walls and have it stay.  So I decided to hang the shelf first and with my Dad's help we got it secure.  Then I was afraid to take it down to paint it so I painted it on the wall.  Not the best idea I've ever had, but the shelf  is still secure.

Next began the search through boxes I hadn't had a chance to unpack yet, looking for four hooks that at least almost matched, and items to put up.  You can't just have a plain white shelf you know.

At last, after going through a huge bag of hooks and about five boxes, it's coming together.  I think I like it so much better than that horrible towel rod.

Here's the finished arrangement.  I admit I bought the green candle sticks a couple of days after Thanksgiving.
We had a wonderful family Thanksgiving and now I have a shelf in the guest bath I can decorate for Christmas too.  How terrific is that!

(Okay, as friends and family know, it still didn't go smooth and flawless.  My wonderful Norwegian baker poisoned my sister and she ended up in ER.  But you'll have to ask her for the details, her name is Vintage Embellishment.)
  Have a great week! Pepper

Monday, November 28, 2011

Hooray! It's Christmas!

I know for many people the day after Thanksgiving is for shopping, but for me it is the 1st day of Christmas...time to put the Christmas music on, bring out the Christmas quilt, hang the wreath....well you get the idea! 

I went looking for Christmas items on Etsy and WOW did I have fun :)

The first and most important part of Christmas for our family is the celebration of the birth of Jesus, so Nativity items are an important part of our holiday decorations....Look at these amazing Wisemen I found! 

        Vintage Christmas Wisemen

Need something festive for the table?  How about these hand created Flower Clusters...fabulous as a stand alone display item, as a grouping or hung as an ornament...(I know how special these are because I was the fortunate recipient of 2 of them...WooHoo!)

             Flower Cluster Ornament

And while we are on the subject of ornaments....I decorate one tree with only vintage items.....and there are lots of vintage choices on Etsy but these from Romania really caught my eye....I love the colors!

          Vintage Christmas Ornaments

Have any of you ever wondered how to display the cards you receive...especially those with photos of family and friends?  Look what I clever is this????

                Red Metal Card Holder

Do you have any one on your list that collects Christmas pins...or do you????  Found one!  I especially like this one because it is a pine cone branch...a little different from the typical Christmas tree pin :)

                Pine Cone Branch Pin

Here is something else I found that has so many possible uses....decorating a mantel, table, tree, package, or....whatever you can think of.....tiny, glittery, Moravian stars....Hand Created!

    Green Moravian Folded Paper Stars

Need some gift bags?  Now these I love, in fact I love them so much I bought some...from my sister...because why should I spend all my time trying to create what she already has!  And the truth is, I could never hand paint those leaves...just sayin....

                        Red Gift Bags

Oh Dear, I can't forget the luscious smells of about some hand made soap to put out for your guests....(I know, it is really for us but pretending it is for our guests sounds better!)  And look at the color...this looks as good as it smells :)  Besides all that...the name is great!

              Hippy Christmas Soap

Well, I think this blog is done for today....hope you.....

Have fun clicking on the name beneath each photo, and while you are in the shop, look around some...each of these sellers has other great items!


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have so many things to be thankful for on this holiday! I hope you are able to spend time with friends and family this holiday.

It's a busy weekend for me, spending Thanksgiving going out with friends for dinner, Friday we'll spending more time with friends going out to a Chinese buffet and finally, over the weekend, we'll have the full turkey dinner! 

 Please take time to think of our men and women serving our country and not able to be with their friends and family. Maybe practice a random act of kindness to someone you see over the weekend! 

Everyone from ACJ wishes all our readers and followers a very Happy Thanksgiving!  

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pennies from Heaven


Angel's Pennies

Author: Unknown

I found a penny today
Just laying on the ground.
But it's not just a penny
This little coin I've found.


Found pennies come from heaven
that's what my Grandpa told me.
He said Angels tossed them down
Oh, how I loved that story!

He said when an Angel misses you
They toss a penny down,
sometimes just to cheer you up
To make a smile out of your frown.

So don't pass by that penny
When you're feeling blue.
It may be a penny from heaven
That an Angel's tossed to you.


This is in honor of a very brave and courageous woman who has gone home to the angels .

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Special Military Wife, Mother, and Artist

Surfing around the e-commerce site Zibbet, I saw this wonderful interview with Gena.  I immediately wanted to introduce you to this creative lady.

I'm only reposting the first portion of the interview, but you will find the link for the entire article at the end of this post.

Her shop, Creations by Gena, has a beautiful selection of all kinds of various art. If you like variety, you should be sure to stop in, because you can find gifts for every one of your friends and family. Gena currently resides in Georgia with her husband and is a proud supporter of the US Military.

1.Tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi Everyone my name is Gena of CreationsbyGena -specializing in glass art, Misc. Folk and collage art, Primitive crafts and More!

I am a Proud Army EOD (Bomb Squad) wife, which my husband is now retired after 22 years of service..yeah and I am also a very PROUD Air Force and Coast Guard mom (if I had more kids, I am sure I would have the other branches covered too…LOL). When I am not supporting my family I am an altered art, mixed media, Folk art artist. As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been creating things. …just ask my parents. In School while growing up, I took many art classes and graduated from a 4 year vocational school for Graphic and Advertising Design. I had planned on having a career in Graphic Arts, but let’s say “things change” and for the best I must say.

I like to work in different mediums and enjoy learning new techniques. I love to paint, and to craft things. “I hate an empty white wall, and think that the best way to defeat blankness is by making affordable art available to everyone.” It brings me great joy to share my love of vibrant, colorful, whimsical art and crafts with others, thus the reason for the many different items you will see my shop.

And here's a special item from Gena's shop that I thought the ACJ team would really appreciate.


Here's the link I promised so you can read the entire interview.  Please visit Gena's shop. She has such a variety of items (even sale items) that would make great gifts.

Wishing everyone a very special Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Herbies Great Adventure...

A while ago I introduced the new man in my life....his name is HERBIE, click on his name if you haven't met him yet :)

This past October we were preparing for a business/pleasure trip and Herbie overheard us talking about it!  Well he begged and pleaded for us to take him along....of course we said yes....

Even though we started out early in the morning, Herbie was so excited he would not sit quietly in the car...

Part of our fall trip tradition is to have small pumpkins on our car dash as we travel...a fun reminder as we look at the road ahead that fall has arrived :)

Needless to say, Herbie loved them...especially when he found out that he was taller than all of them....(He seems to have a slight complex about being short :( )

But business before pleasure (or so THEY say)...that meant setting up our space display for the antique show came first...
Initially Herbie was a big help....figuring out where each item showcased best...

 Alas, once he discovered the vintage toys....he lost all interest in helping....

Have you ever tried to get a tiny little man to WORK once he has discovered toys that are just his size?   It is not an easy thing to do....
In all honesty, I just gave up and let him have fun :)

Once the show was over we took a road trip to Montana via Washington....when Herbie saw his first real lake he was the point of insisting he be taken from the car so he could get a closer look at the water....

I was a little worried that the birds flying overhead would think he was dinner since he was standing on the picnic table, but all went well and he was a happy little traveler.

We rushed to get to Montana because the weather report said SNOW was on the snowed...another 1st for the Herbster...out side we went so he could play in the snow...I think he did pretty well making a snow angel...what do you think?

Especially when you realize he came from the Las Vegas area and this was the first snowfall he had ever seen.

By the end of the trip Herbie was doing his happy dance....he had so much fun!
And so did we :)


Friday, November 18, 2011

The Year Was 1955

Sometimes, you read something that you just have to share.  So is the case today.  I got this last week and just couldn’t wait to share it today.  I wonder if anyone is keeping track of things being said in 2011 ~ and if someone will write about in 2067!  Anyway, hope you enjoy, and maybe some of them will even ring a bell!  (I’d never admit it though – lol)

Comments made in the year 1955!
That's only 56 years ago!

I'll tell you one thing, if things keep going the way they are, it's going to be impossible to buy a week's groceries for $10.00.

Have you seen the new cars coming out next year? It won't be long before $1, 000.00 will only buy a used one.

If cigarettes keep going up in price, I'm going to quit. 20 cents a pack is ridiculous.

Did you hear the post office is thinking about charging 7 cents just to mail a letter?

If they raise the minimum wage to $1.00, nobody will be able to hire outside help at the store.

When I first started driving, who would have thought gas would someday cost 25 cents a gallon. Guess we'd be better off leaving the car in the garage.

I'm afraid to send my kids to the movies any more. Ever since they let Clark Gable get by with saying DAMN in GONE WITH THE WIND, it seems every new movie has either HELL or DAMN in it.

I read the other day where some scientist thinks it's possible to put a man on the moon by the end of the century. They even have some fellows they call astronauts preparing for it down in Texas.

Did you see where some baseball player just signed a contract for $50,000 a year just to play ball? It wouldn't surprise me if someday they'll be making more than the President.

I never thought I'd see the day all our kitchen appliances would be electric. They are even making electric typewriters now.

It's too bad things are so tough nowadays.  I see where a few married women are having to work to make ends meet.

It won't be long before young couples are going to have to hire someone to watch their kids so they can both work.

I'm afraid the Volkswagen car is going to open the door to a whole lot of foreign business.

Thank goodness I won't live to see the day when the Government takes half our income in taxes. I sometimes wonder if we are electing the best people to government.

The drive-in restaurant is convenient in nice weather, but I seriously doubt they will ever catch on.

There is no sense going on short trips anymore for a weekend, it costs nearly $2.00 a night to stay in a hotel.

No one can afford to be sick anymore, at $15.00 a day in the hospital, it's too rich for my blood.

If they think I'll pay 30 cents for a hair cut, forget it.

Thanks again for stopping by.  Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to start writing those quotes down.  You never know who might want to know those things in the future.
~~~ Duuude ~~~

Thursday, November 17, 2011

World's Largest!

Don't hold me accountable if you find something larger than what I post!  As I was doing research for this post, I found a list of US States with what they claim are the World's largest, but it came apparent to me that no one was checking up on them!  Some different states would claim they have the largest chair, for example, so just take them as you see them!
Chair:  Anniston, AL
Buffalo statue:  Jamestown, ND
Crayon:  Easton, PA
Donut:  Los Angeles, CA
Kokopelli:  Yavapai County, AR
Baseball bat:  Louisville, KY
Snowman:  North St. Paul, MN
Old Ben (real steer):  Howard County, IN
Bicycle:  Sparta, WI
Thermometer:  Baker, CA

Well, I have had my own experience with this one!  While working in Marietta, Georgia, I would ask the locals how to get to certain places and their answers always had the Big Chicken in it, go to the big chicken and make a right, go passed the big chicken and make the first left.  Marietta, Georgia is definitely the home of the Big Chicken!
Big Chicken:  Marietta, GA
Tire:  Allen Park, MI
Washboard:  Logan, OH

Have a great day!