Friday, April 29, 2011

"A Day In The Life With Butch"

Do you have your coffee and morning snack yet?  If not, go get it, pull up your chair and get ready.  Today I have someone that you may have seen before.  (a little birdie told me a story which led me to this weeks interview)  If you don’t recognize him or his shop, you may have seen him in another media form.  He’s got a unique art form, runs an auction, and really enjoys what he does.  Today, we’re going to take a look into the life of . . .

Butch, owner of 

Duuude:  How long have you been creating your works?

Butch:  Started my museum in the 1970's when I found a dinosaur bone in the creek in Seale.

Duuude:  What inspired you get into this area?  And what all types of materials do you use? 
Butch:  See John Henry Toney and the turnip root story.  Use found objects.
Puppet Man
Duuude:  Tell us a little bit about your process.  

Butch:  I take old photos and intertwangle them into other things, animals , plants ...

Duuude:  Where do you typically get your supplies?
Clark Balloon
Butch:  All material come from the Possum Trot JUNK auction every Friday night at 7 est in Seale , Alabama

Duuude:  Where do you get your ideas for your items?

Butch:  Ideas come out of my warped brain , if you stare at a object long enough it will turn into something else
Green Shingle Mask
Duuude:  Where do you sell your items?

Butch:  Etsy, museum of wonder mostly, and 6 to 10 galleries around the US

Duuude:  Do you have a blog or any other sites that you are involved in that you would like to share with us?

(this is a great article so don't miss it)

Pot Head, Square
And here’s a video that Etsy did with Butch.  It’s in his profile but I thought I would share it here in case you missed it.

Thanks Butch, for sharing just a small part of your life with us.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, Butch had an appearance on the History Channel show “American Pickers”.  Mike and Frank paid a visit to the “Possum Trot Auction”.  If you missed that episode, I found out it will be showing again this coming Tues (May 3rd).  Make sure you see it.  It was a fun episode.

Now go visit his shop, read the articles and show him some love.  And thanks again for taking part of your Friday and sharing it with ACJ.  See ya next time!
~~~ Duuude ~~~


Runs With Scissors said...

Terrific interview, Dude! You are right, that article is definitely a must read.

Thanks for joining us, Butch and thanks for the interview, Dude!

goodgosh said...

Ha! I love the word "intertwangle"

I want to meet Mike and Frank! Wonder if they are as nice in person as they seem?

great job dude!

Pennie said...

OMG!!!! AMAZING!!!! :D
Smiles, Pennie

Linnet said...

Dude ~ What a fascinating guy that Butch is! I remember being impressed by him on that episode of American Pickers that he was featured on & am further amazed by etsy's feature video showing his home & more of his work. And you're right, that NY Times article is not to be missed! You did a really great job on this ~ thanks so much for sharing!