Friday, April 22, 2011

"A Day in the Life with Fritzi”

This week, we’re gonna take another look 
into the world of “vintage”.  
As one of my cohorts always says, “vintage rocks”.  They just don’t make things like they used to 
so if you really love the old, 
well made items of yester year, 
then vintage finds are the way to go.
So grab your coffee and apple Danish, 
pull up a chair and come join me as we look into 

A Day In the Life with Fritzi Marie, owner of

Duuude:  How long have you been into collecting and selling? 

Fritzi:  I started collecting vintage treasures in 1989.  I was a freshman in high school and I was starting to "find" myself.  I found that I was in love with the past.  My Daddy was in his seventies then and our favorite thing to do together was to watch films from his youth and Gene Kelly musicals.  I fell in love with set and costume design at a very young age.  My wardrobe and bedroom decor was found at thrift stores, flea markets and yard sales.  Back then, there were treasures everywhere.  Nowadays the hunt is more challenging. 
Music Box 
Duuude:  What got you into the vintage market? 

Fritzi:  I have been collecting and planning to open a vintage Etsy shop for four years but I kept putting it off wanting it to be perfect right out of the gate.  It wasn't until last year when my husband and I were unemployed that I realized that I needed to stop waiting for everything to be perfect and go for it.  I've learned so much and I am so happy that I went ahead and opened my shop.  You don't have to have everything "perfect" to do what you want to do. 
Floral Nevco Tray
Duuude:  Where do you usually find your treasures? 

Fritzi:  My favorite way to find treasure is to hunt at yard and estate sales.  I also love flea markets.  Here in the South (where I am now), I love going to antique stores where they sometimes have fabulous deals and are a great source of inspiration.  My favorite place to go in Alabama is The Possum Trot Auction on Friday nights in Sealle, Alabama.  I love that I never know what to expect.  It's treasure hunting combined with adventure taking and that makes me happy. 
Click to go to her blog
(Duuude:  Just a side note:  if you enjoy the show on the History Channel, American Pickers, they did a show that featured “The Possum Trot Auction”.  Was very fun and I can see why Fritzi likes to go there!)

Duuude:  Do you have any online research sites that you would like to share with our readers? 

Fritzi:  I've found that research is key when running a vintage Etsy shop.  You should always follow your instincts and only sell what you like.  If you wouldn't feature it in your home or gift it to a friend then I don't think you should stand behind it.  Your shop can be an extension of yourself and your creative outlet.  The blogging world has a wealth of inspiration and design ideas.  Read blogs, make friends, and watch for trends. 
Blue Aluminum Pitcher
Duuude:  Where do you see your items? 

Fritzi:  I sell my treasure in my Etsy shop, Fritzi Marie Vintage:

Duuude:  Anything else you would like us to know? 

Fritzi:  If you love to treasure hunt and want to open a shop.  Do it.  Follow your dream and be creative.  A dear friend of mine told me, "Do what you want to do, not what you have to do".  It is an adventure and you never know where you may end up. 
Fritzi and Bono
 Duuude:  Do you have a blog or any other sites you belong to that would be nice for our readers to see? 
Fritzi and Daniel
Fritzi:  I blog about my adventures with my husband Daniel and our 10 year old puppy Bono Baby at:

Thanks so much for sharing with us Fritzi.  
Vintage rocks and we hope your shop 
continues to soar!  
So now, go wander through her shop, 
give her a heart or two 
and don’t forget to check back here and see 
what’s up with the ACJ crew over the weekend.

Have a wonderful Easter, and see ya next week.
Duuude   : )


Peppercorns said...

Nice shop and interview. I love her Red Rose Toleware Trays.

Unknown said...

Fun interview Julie! I like vintage :)

goodgosh said...

Possum Trot and Butch seem to be in my destiny some day. How funny is that?!
Great interview ~ I watched a show yesterday and this guy said "follow your passion ~ if we don't follow our passion and don't like what we're doing, a little bit of ourselves dies each day".

Doodle said...

Maybe a road trip to AL someday? That would be fun Peggy.

Thanks Daisy. Lots of vintage folks around here. (I mean stuff, not people - haha)

Hey Pepperhead, she's got some cool stuff!

VintageEmbellishment said...

Well to be honest there are lots of vintage "folks" around here too!

Love antique and vintage "stuff", thanks for sharing your shop with us Fritzi :)