Thursday, September 29, 2011

Unique Artist Structures Continued

First things first, please continue sending Peggy (MSS &GG) positive thoughts and best wishes for a speedy recovery for her dad!  Peggy, I hope you know you are all in our thoughts and prayers!  You have a lot of friends sending you positive vibes!

Second, I understand there has been a great deal of followers that have not been able to post comments.  I'm really sorry about that.  I tried on several occasions to find out what the problem was with Blogger help and kept getting the runaround.  Frustrated the other night, I decided to take matters in my own hands and figured I'd either blow up the blog or fix it, something had to give!  I messed around and think it's fixed!  At least until the next problem comes along!  Thank you all for your patience!  We all love our followers and hope you continue to return to our blog!

Now, back to our regularly scheduled post about strange buildings!  Enjoy.

Today's subjects are all barns with designs on the roof, surprisingly called um,  roof art barns!  Some have lettering, some have pictures and all of these for today are in Indiana:
Burns Trucking
Cow Art
More Cow Art
Deer Art
Duck Art
Flag Art
More Flag Art
Horse Head Art
King Lettering Art
Leffel Lettering Art
Mickey Mouse Art
Pig Art
Pony Art
Tractor Art
Semi Truck Art


Peppercorns said...

We're continuing to pray for Peggy and her family.

Love this art series, and today's favorite is Mickey Mouse. He gave me the smile I needed this morning.

Also, thanks for fixing the problems. Much appreciated.

jj said...

These are just so cool. Can you imagine planning out just how you are going to lay the shingles down to get the exact image you want?
I was down in South Jersey over the weekend and saw a firehouse with the outside wall painted with different images of firetrucks and people....needless to say I thought of you and these posts. :)

Keeping Peggy and her family in my thoughts and prayers xoxox

VintageEmbellishment said...

Wow, I need to get out of California...these are way too cool!

Keeping Peggy and her family in our thoughts and prayers.