Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I love forget-me-nots.
I have had these growing in my garden for quite a few years now.  Some years my garden looks like a sea of blue, other years there are only a few of these showing up. They seed and spread all on their own and I let them grow wherever they want to.
 I used to work with a lovely lady, who was a retired school teacher. So when she worked with me she was just doing that to keep busy. She had no need to work really.  She had not started teaching until she was in her fifties and I believe that she was the kind of teacher that every kid would have wanted to have. Eventually she had some health problems and ended up moving to another state to be closer to her niece. Anyway, she would write me notes and they almost always had pictures of forget-me-nots on them. So when my garden is in full bloom with these little unassuming flowers, memories of dear Madeline bloom also. I have not forgotten her.

Here is a little info on these flowers and this is the site I got it from.
(there is a lot of information on other wildflowers too.

How the Forget-me-not got its name (Myosotis sp.)

This European perennial is one of the world’s most-loved wildflowers, and though the little clusters of sky blue flowers are wonderful, the romantic legend of how it got its name is ever better. The plant is a streamside species, so the setting makes sense. A medieval German knight is said to have been picnicking on the bank of the Danube with his lady love. He descended the bank to the water’s edge to gather some of the lovely blue flowers he saw there, but while he was near the water, tragedy struck. A “freshet” (flash flood) suddenly appeared and pulled the young man into the churning river. As he was literally swept away, he tossed the bouquet to his lady on the bank with the three now-famous words: “Forget me not!”



This one I am showing for my daughter, she used to love MylittlePony, and well, this one has the right name.

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Peppercorns said...

This is such a wonderful post jj. I've never heard the story behind the name before, and I'll never look at a forget-me-not the same way again.

manateejaq said...

I really enjoyed reading your post! My grandmother tutored a student after she retired - and I know she also had a special relationship with this student. Anyway, thanks so much for including the Forget-me-not My Little Pony from my Etsy shop. :)

VintageEmbellishment said...

Great post JJ :) I love these sweet little flowers!