Tuesday, July 12, 2011

They're A Hoot

What always makes me smile?  The owl of course.  It seems like no matter what you do with them, even if you make them look angry, they are still cute.

Well, I do remember one little owl we called Freaky Owl because he really was ugly, the poor little thing.  If you weren't expecting to see him, he could really freak you out.  In fact he was so ugly you just had to love him.  So, I guess even ugly owls are still adorable in their own way.

Anyway, I did my search on Etsy, Artfire, and Zibbet and came up with some real cuties.

So take a tour of the Owl Gallery and meet some very clever artists:

Smarty Pants Owl, Blank Inside Notecard, Children's Birthday Card, Congratulations Card, Fun Whimsical Owl

Pocket Peeper Holiday Stocking - Crazy Christmas

ESTEFANIA THE  OWL handmade crochet Hat / Beanie   Newborn to 5 years old  photo pro-

Luck O' the Irish Owl

Angry Hoot - brass

Hagen Renaker Owl

Vintage Owl Wall Plaque / Wall Decor / Chalkware / Retro /  Plaque

Needle Felted Barn Owl in Wool by artist Karen Clothier

Tweet Hoot  Little White and Brown Barn Owl

Felt Owl Zipper Pull Keychain

Hot Pink and Green Owl Hat

Who Me . . .  Owl Magnets

Wool Needle Felted Miniature Owl

Thank you for taking time to look at all the great little treasures in my gallery.

Pepper, pep, Helmet Head


Christie Cottage said...

What cute items! I arrived here via twitter from FeltMeUp's tweet.


VintageEmbellishment said...

Awww...you found some real cuties!

A Collective Journal said...

Hi Christie Cottage, and welcome! We're glad you arrived. :)

And thank you to FeltMeUp for the tweet.

jj said...

these owls are cute! that freak owl was just scary! That one felted one almost looks alive