Saturday, June 18, 2011

Let's Promote!

Please read entire description for details! 
Needed when bracelet is ordered:
► Bracelet size in inches
► Color preference: antique copper, gold or silver
► At least 6 U.S. towns/cities. More would be great in case I need to substitute.
You can choose from gold, silver or antiqued copper for the accent beads. Let me know you want a customized bracelet, give me at least 6 citites or towns from the state or states of your choice, what color you'd like for accent beads and clasp, then I'll work up the bracelet and set you up a custom listing.

Made with paper beads and customized just for you! Want a unique gift for a friend? These are definitely one of a kind items. Can do where you were born, where you live, where you like to visit etc. If it's on a map, I'll find it! Please use cities and towns from the United States!

The photos of finished bracelets are all customized bracelets I have made. There's even one for a James Dean fan with points of interest of his life!

Please allow at least one week for shipping. Each bead is cut, rolled, glued and coated by me!  Feel free to contact me at with any questions you may have!

This is for finished bracelet only, nothing used in photographing the bracelet is included.  Clasps may vary.

Price for one customized bracelet = $20.00 plus $2.50 shipping.

I think today I will promote my Zibbet shop, and since it seems to be a sort of  "promote paper" day I will show you my books!  I love books, new or old so here is a group of 3 (remember 3 makes a collection) that I have for sale.
3 is a collection



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Peppercorns said...

Those are so cool Pokey! I love them and I don't how you all of this. Amazing. :)