Friday, June 17, 2011

Share a Memory About Your Dad


I just want to say “sorry” to my ACJ crew for jumping the gun, because it seems that since so many holidays fall on Sunday I tend to take advantage of them.  I know, my bad. 

I have great memories of my Dad.  I know I’ve already talked about his woodworking skills but did I mention he played accordion?  And he taught it too!  (and I was one of his students)  I remember when he was teaching at a studio not too far from home back in 19 ( oh never mind back when – lol) and during the days I didn’t have school, I would go with him.  I had to sit in class and play along with his students.  Ugh, those were some pretty rough times.  Practicing with an instrument that was bigger than I was, but still they were great memories.

But the part I liked the best was just being with my Dad.  Driving and talking, taking "coca cola" breaks (and getting out of chores at home)  I miss him every day and I carry the best parts of him inside me.   

This was a song he played quite often and my Mom just loved to listen to him. 

(I don’t have a video of him playing so you get Myron and I don’t mind saying, Dad was just as good)  We would all sit and watch the Lawrence Welk show every week and if he didn’t have one of songs in his repertoire, he would listen carefully, and start practicing the next day.  Eventually he “dumped” the accordion and started on the keyboard.    (hehe)   I learned later in life that he was actually a part of a band.  So that’s where I get my love of music! 

Anyway, to all the dad’s out there, have an incredible day.  And to those whose fathers have passed or are simply not around, celebrate them anyway.  Take some time to remember the good times.

And while you’re here, share a memory with us.  We love to hear from our readers and followers.

Until next week . . .
Have a great weekend and do something special!
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jj said...

I have some wonderful memories of my dad, and my father-in-law. Very special people. Thanks Doodle :)

VintageEmbellishment said...

I am so Thankful that my Father is still with us, well to be exact he is with pepper, but we will be paying him a surprise visit this Father's Day....Shhhhhhh!