Sunday, March 6, 2011

PEARLS....Buttons That Is....


Pearl, Pearlys or Mother-of-Pearl.... no matter what you call them they are beautiful examples of buttons made from shells! Both deep-sea shells and freshwater shells have been used, and still are, to make buttons but mother-of-pearl typically refers to deep-sea shell buttons.
Pearls are beautiful when undecorated, allowing the beautiful shell colorations to be the star but they can also be decorated in many ways...carved or cut designs, painted, stenciled, inlaid with other materials, or used to center a metal design.



Many people collect Pearl Buttons for their beauty and intricate designs, others use them to create new items, embellish their creations or accent their items for sale...





 Here is what I like to create using vintage Pearlies.... hang on a tree, a gift, a doorknob...wherever you wish.



Peppercorns said...

These are beautiful! I was going to pick a favorite, but that's just not possible.

There is always something new to learn on this blog. Thanks VE.

goodgosh said...

I find myself saying "wow" a lot when I read all the posts about different things.
I can't image carving on one ~ it looks so delicate!
I love the button embellishments!

Laurie said...

Gorgeous -- I am in love with pearl buttons! Out of all buttons, they are my absolute passion!

jj said...

I do like the button icicle, and the painted ones, and.....okay all of them.

- said...

The button icicles are so clever!