Monday, March 14, 2011

One of my Favorite Things....

is handmade soap :)

I never really was aware of handmade soap until I joined Etsy...and on Etsy I met people who created soap, all kinds of soap, wonderful soap!  I am now totally convinced that mass produced soap cannot come near to the luxury or quality of a bar of handmade soap....

Let me introduce you to some of the special women who create and sell soap products on Etsy...


It is really Marlene but there is a limit on the number of letters in a store title and Marlene...lost her e....:(
I have no idea where she finds the time to make her marvelous soaps but I can attest to the quality and variety of her soaps...even my husband became a supporter of handmade soap after I purchased a bar of manly  soap from Marlene as a little surprise for him.

Here is a soap of hers that would make a perfect Saint Patrick Day gift for a guy... might even get you a kiss!



SoapyBlessings  is another of my favorite soap makers...I bought Wild Things soap from her because bugs seem to love members of our family and this soap keeps the bugs away, especially in summer if you want to lay out in a hammock for a little nap....she also offers Wild Things in a lotion stick which is really great for kids....and camping trips!

                                       Wild Things Lotion Stick

I also love the products at  PinkParchmentSoaps , her selection of bath salts, bath bombs,soap and  body butter, look and sound good enough to eat!  Imagine taking a hot steamy bath and having this slice of "ice cream" for your soap!

                                          Raspberry Parfait Soap

Well since I am having problems previewing my post and cannot get the double spacing to go away I guess I had better wrap it up for tonight....please visit these are in for a treat!



Marlene said...

Awe, VE...what a wonderful surprise to wake up to. Thanks so much for including me in your blog post.

Trish's Soapy Blessings said...

What a delightful blog post! Thanks so much for including my lotion stick here. You are a sweetie!

goodgosh said...

I go weak in the knees when I see handmade soaps and lotions!
I have a bar now called Biscotti with Almond that I love!
I feel like taking a bath. :)

Peppercorns said...

I love handmade soap. Marlene is the one who introduced me to this luxury, bless her heart. :0)

Handmade soaps, lotions, and shampoos are all wonderful!

Anonymous said...

VE - Thanks so much!

Cassie said...

Love, love, love handmade soap. Marlene's soaps are fabulous!!!!

Trish's Soapy Blessings said...

BTW, my Soapy Blessings shop on Etsy will be closing at the end of April and there is a great sale going on there at the moment. However, I do have an Artfire shop that sell more than just soap if you are inclined to check it out:

Thanks VE for giving me the permission to add my Artfire link here.

Many blessings