Saturday, March 12, 2011


I love Fiestaware!  Hey, nothing like eating off of radioactive plates, right?  And yes, I use mine.  I love setting a table with Fiesta and Bakelite!

Check the links for information, history and colors!

I do mix the new with the old.  I think my favorite colors are the old cobalt blue and the rose but I do love the newer plum, too!  Look, Pepper!  There's even a periWINKLE!


jj said...

I love the colors for fiestaware!
I would love to have some for my everyday dishes too. Great links. Thanks

Doodle said...

Love the rich colors. I'm thinking I may have to invest in some too!
Thanks for the great info RWS! :)

goodgosh said...

I love this stuff too, but I'm still always confused as to what's new and what's old.
I'm deciding I don't like my plates anymore and want more color!