Tuesday, March 15, 2011

For the Love of the Irish

If I were given a free ticket to fly anywhere in the world, I would choose Ireland. I've always been fascinated by this beautiful country. It is a mix of the soft and beautiful and the hard and difficult. I love the art, music, dance, and culture as well as the landscape and people.

4 Green Claddagh Ring Irish Language Cards
So....as I was thinking of Ireland and St. Patrick's Day I did what I usually do, I did an Etsy search. This time for the artists of Ireland.

Seafoam, pearls and fish scales - A Mermaid Bauble Brooch
Here is a little gallery I put together to honor the artists and their wonderful talents. I hope you enjoy it.

White Chiffon silk shawl with handfelted rose motif ethnic style

Cream Silk Shoulder Bag

Art Pendant - "Songe D'Une Nuit D'ete" - Glass Tile Necklace

handmade notebook

Baby girls St Patricks Day hat

Felt  necklace with wooden beads (merino wool) - orange, yellow, green

There are so many talented Irish artisans on Etsy that I'm sure if you do your own search you'll be pleasantly surprised.  Have fun and have a very happy St. Patrick's Day.....

pepper/Helmet Head


Paperpennies said...

Good Morning! This is about the nicest thing I've woken to in a while, thanks a million! I recognise some of the other items, I will have to click along and make myself familiar with the rest. You have also got me thinking about handmade Etsy soap (from the previous post), hmm...
Great blog, and thanks again :)

FineFibre said...

It is a beautiful sunny morning here in Kilkenny and what a lovely surprise to have my shawl featured on your blog. I enjoyed reading through it. Thanks so much

goodgosh said...

I loved Ireland and the people!
One thing I realized is going out to have a bit of "crack" isn't the same as what it is here!
Wonderful items ~ thanks for sharing.

Jane said...

It's bright but cold here in Dublin (an improvement on this morning!)this afternoon. It's lovely to see Irish crafts being supported. Thanks so much for including my brooch and have a lovely St. Patrick's Day. We get the day off work! Yay! 4 day week! :)

VintageEmbellishment said...

Wow, beautiful items, I am really impressed!

Happy St. Pat's Day everyone :)

jj said...

Ahhhh...love these items!
They are all beautiful pieces by very talented artisans.
Haven't been to Ireland yet, but one of these days.

Amélie Gagné said...

Hi there...! What a lovely bunch of items, thank you so much for including my pendant! I'm not Irish but have been living in beautiful Killarney for 10 years... Happy St-Patrick day everyone..! Amélie