Tuesday, January 3, 2012

the new year....

So we all took a little holiday from posting on the blog and thought we would start the new year out fresh.
my first idea VE used, then pepper sucked up my second idea….
It’s a good thing I don’t post on Friday’s or there would be nothing left for me to say!
I am really just kidding. We don’t have any idea what anybody else is going to write about, unless we decide we want to do a theme week. Then we all know about what the others are going to write, but not what they will do.
I personally love checking in each day to see what they have to say or show.  It is almost always a surprise.

Anyway I suppose I should get to my post.
I thought I would start my first new years post by finding some brand new shops to show off.
I didn’t get very far….
I found a really sweet illustration and my idea just took off on it’s own.


Did you guess what I got sidetracked by yet?...lol
Yes, a bunch of owls.


Late one night my husband and I came home and we heard a very weird sound coming from the woods. (it was creepy) It kept moving around and screeching from high to low, left and then right. After my husband said wth is that??? We decided that it must have been a screech owl. (I was able to sleep after that…ha!)


I love the way owls turn their heads and barely blink. It is like the effort is almost too much for them

Sometimes it seems like they are looking right through you. 



I do think of owls as being rather regal…


I hope you enjoyed my little sidetrack with the owls.
If you click on the names below each picture the link will take you to these talented people’s shops.



Peppercorns said...

Thanks jj for giving me a laugh this morning! I love the way you began this post.

The owls are adorable. You found some great ones.

VintageEmbellishment said...

I see you noticed one of the benefits of writing the 1st post of the week! LOL!
I love the owls you found....Mr. B raised owls when he was a teenager so they have a special place in our hearts :)