Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 2, 2012

I just needed to practice writing 2012!

For my first blog post of the year 2012 ( I will get used to it) I want to feature items from my blog buddies.....the more elegant side of them since it is a New Year's Celebration....

First up from JJ, found in her CranberryLake shop...these lovely vintage, mint green placemats (or wonderful little hand towels), the cup and saucer is not for sale but look how perfect the little placemats work with vintage china!  These are in unfinished condition which means you get to add your own special touch to them!

         Mint Green Huck Placemats

From Cranberrylake I traveled to DoodleVintagePlus (isn't this a fun  trip) where I discovered this stunning perfect is this for a New Year?????  Glamor at a reasonable price....WooHoo!
             White Faux Opal Ring....

               Antique Marquee Letter
Now on to Peppercorns2, here I  was able to satisfy my love of white chippy paint and find elegance along with great is that!  Look at this antique marquee has a very elegant look when displayed with lovely items :)  You may want to hurry and buy it however....the original letter I had chosen to feature just SOLD!

I think vintage rhinestone jewelry can add a touch of elegance to any outfit...I really love rhinestone pins on blazer jackets...especially when worn with off to VintageStation I went....knowing she always has some great "gems"!  Well....look what I found....she never disappoints!
               Vintage Rhinestone Brooch

One more shop to visit.....I should do this more often....great stuff here...
GG has her card shop but she also has a shop named MySeriousSide, that is where I went to find her elegant side...she buys old picture frames and repurposes them into groupings...hang them with or without pictures in them...they will look wonderful either way :)  This group of 7 has a bonus, the sweet little shelf comes with them....
   Group of 7 Upcycled Frames and Shelf

Next I went to my shop looking for elegance...guess what??? I found none! (Remember I like Rhinestone jewelry with jeans...enough said).
So I will leave you with this item which does seem appropriate....
           Tiny Vintage Metal Letters

                 Have a Great New Year


Peppercorns said...

Perfect "first post" for 2012. I love all the items you selected, even mine. :)


jj said...

uh oh...does this mean we have to maintain a level of elegance through out the year? Great items and I know that each of these shops have many more elegant, fun and even a few oddball items in them.