Monday, January 9, 2012

Get Organized Around the House!

Last week VS did a blog post on ways to store and organize our Christmas and Holiday items.

Well...that led me to wonder about ways to store and organize items in our home or office....I am a lover of vintage, especially vintage metal galvanized metal and tin..(be still my ♥)!

Since I have a shop on Etsy, that seemed like the first place to look...amongst all the wonderful vintage and antique shops there...
WooHoo...I had so much fun!  Here are a few of the useful and unique items I found....*repurposing a vintage or antique item is one of the best ways to keep our landfills emptier*.

              Trinket Box or Storage Box
This little box would be useful in so many the office, studio,bath,bedroom, man cave.....I love it!

And look at this "Key Stop" piece....Hang it up on the wall...put some magnetic hooks on it and you will never again wonder "Now where did I put my keys????)

                              Key Stop
Another plus is how clever your friends and family will think you are!


Speaking of magnets (and we were...sort of..) this old washboard would make a great bulletin board...using some clever magnets to hold the messages, they could even be message magnets...(get it?)  LOL!  (sorry, could not resist that one)

            Antique Receipts File Board

This antique receipts board would make another super message board, or a reminder board...not that any of us need a place to put "reminders"!  But just in case this would be perfect!

Are you wondering where to store all those little small things, those "things" we can't live without but can never "remember" where we put them???  How about this cabinet??? Just look at all those could hang a cute little tag from each drawer that would tell you what is stored inside :)

       Metal Divided Storage Box

Seems to me the divided storage would be very useful in a studio's another divided box that makes a great storage/organizer...

                    Divided Metal Box
I think this smaller size box would work great in a sewing area or room....hmmmm....

                Tin Handled Basket

Do you need something that you can carry from room to room?  These metal baskets with handles may be just what you are looking for...

                Galvanized Jar Tray

I think a gardener would love the jar tray....for new plantings, tools, or full of beautiful cuttings from the garden...what a fantastic spring look that would be for your special place....(don't get discouraged, Spring will be here in a couple of months!).

Just click on the name below each photo to be taken to the item in the shop....

I hope these have given you lots of great ideas to organize and brighten your home, office or studio....and encouraged you to "GET STARTED!"....



Peppercorns said...

WOW! I'm in love with the galvanized jar tray! I can just picture my jars of paint brushes in there, right on my work table.

Now I'm on a search for something similar! Great ideas VE.

cheryl12108 said...

Such great ideas for organizing. Thanks for including my receipt holder in this post.

Susan from The T-Cozy said...

Wonderful ideas! Thanks for including my washboard in this inspiring post!


Thank you so much for including my zinc basket! I loved your post.


Thank you so much for including my zinc basket! I loved your post.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for including my items in this wonderfull post.
Stepbackink on Etsy