Friday, December 9, 2011

Time for Lights and Garland

Well, here we are, end of the week and the final stage of decorating the Christmas tree.  What’s missing?  Lights and Garland!!!  Well, as you know, we sort of did our tree a little backwards, but we ‘re sure when you get ready to decorate your tree, you will start with the stand and tree, then go from there. 

It’s hard to pick just a few shops with lights and garland when there is so much, but here are some old and some new, some traditional and some contemporary.  And some that bring back great childhood memories for me.  So let’s get started ~ let’s add some lights to our tree.  (just click the names under the photo to go to their shops)

Ribbons and Retro
And don’t forget the spare bulbs

Albrechts Antiques
Holiday Legacies
Industrial Days
Just Too Much
And now for some garland

Roque Valley Vintage
Christmas Notions
Mrs Molly
Cutie Popper
The Old Block House
Harts Closet
Treasured Memory Lane
And if you don’t want to have real lights, how about some felted lights!  
I thought this was pretty cool.

Purl and June
Last but not least and NOT for sale, some garland made from paper beads.  The beads were made by RWS by the way ~ a great combination of Christmas colors.  (click her name to visit her shop)  And the garland strung by me ~ my attempt at being “creative”.  


    Just goes to show that anyone can get a little creative if they really want to, 
and with a little push from a friend.  lol

Hope you enjoyed our “Decorate the Tree” week.  
Rumor has it we’re doing a little more
Christmas next week so don’t forget to check in and see what the crew is up to.

Thanks for stopping by, 
now go get to work on that tree of yours!
~~~ Duuude ~~~


Runs With Scissors said...

Oh, I just love the vintage lights! Especially those bubble lights, I have those for my tree!

Thank you for including my paper beads!

Peppercorns said...

Love the lights and garland! Bright, cheerful, and lots of great memories in this post.

I have some of the ducks paper beads and love them. :)

jj said...

See doodle, you just have to let your creativity flow :) .
I love every part of Christmas trees (except maybe the take down...) From old to new. Garlands and lights do add the finishing touch and you showed some great ones.

VintageEmbellishment said...

WooHoo! The tree is up!

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas....and I love what you did with Ducky's paper beads!

MrFilthyRotten said...

Love your blog! Enjoyed seeing all the trimmings here. I remember when I was a kid making circles out of strips of paper to make garland. I imagine that's something most of us have done! Merry Christmas! Smoochies!