Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'm doing tree ornaments this week!!  I never realized just how many are available these days.  I've decided to show some of my favorite ones or this post will go on for days!
First, I found this wonderful article about Shiny Brites glass ornaments I wanted to share:  
 Sheila Zeller Interiors 
Great blog and great article!
Some that have became an instant favorite for me!
 These are new ones currently for sale. 

These are vintage ones.
These are called spinners.  The heat from lights cause the insides of these to spin around.  I wasn't aware of these until I started looking for items for this post and now I will definitely keep my eyes open while antique shopping!

 (click on photos to be taken to listings or shops)

How cute are these?  Pixie tree ornaments!  
From Sammithesheepishlion on Etsy: 
From Bayberry Cove, here's a set of two candle clips!  I love these, too!

Again, these can be found in both new and vintage!
Another favorite, mercury glass figural ornaments!  So many of them!  I think my favorite is the pickle (not shown).  Here's a listing from 
DustyAtticTreasures on Etsy: 

Must have icicles!  How about some vintage ones?  Here you go!
  From HartsCloset:

And foil ornaments!
 From TheVintageResource:

Oh look!  I found the pickle!  Good luck to all who find it!
Do you have favorite ones not mentioned here?  Let us know what they are!
Have a great day!


autena said...

Well, of course, the bubbling ones are fun. This is a fun sampling too!

A Collective Journal said...

Autena, I LOVE the bubble lights, too! Hopefully, they will be featured in tomorrow's post! (hint, hint, doodle) :o)

Peppercorns said...

I have to vote for the pickle. Wouldn't that create interest on the tree!

These are all great ornaments, a few I haven't seen before and a few I'd forgotten about.

VintageEmbellishment said...

I love the vintage ornaments.....and now the ones on our family tree have been around long enough to be considered vintage too!

jj said...

Ahhh, love old ornaments, bubble lights....and the glass ones...handmade paper scrap ones are cool you said the list could go on and on.
We have a pickle for our tree. I think the story for the pickle was that whoever finds it has good luck, or they get a special treat. We also have a glass potato, and an ear of corn....but that's another