Monday, November 14, 2011


Last Monday my blog article featured 5 items that I wanted you to try and identify, this week I promised to tell you what they really are....even if my favorite answer was the Staple button!

Link to last weeks article....

 Item #1 was a pair of wasp nests we found in all old wood rowboat that had been stored on the roof of a shed lean to.....Pepper guessed this one correctly....(although I think she had some help)...just sayin!

  Item #2....this is a vintage Poultry Catcher....a tool my husband used as a teenager to catch turkeys so they could be vaccinated :)  Here is a link to the new ones of today....(just in case anyone has doubts...LOL!) 
            Turkey or Poultry Catcher

#3 is more a Who instead of a what...and Past Pieces Vintage
guessed correctly that this is "HENRY"....a cartoon character created by Carl Anderson in 1932....

Click on the names above to be taken to Past Pieces Vintage blog or the Wiki info about Henry....

#4....More info from my husband's work past....he used these metal ties when he worked the Burlington RR....after inspecting and closing boxcars the metal strips were attached to the door...if the strip was broken they knew the boxcar had been tampered with....the canvas bag?  It was used to carry the strips!
I have these listed in my Etsy shop if you would like more info on here....transportation seal strips

And last but not least #5, the "staples easy button" least I am thinking this may be what generated the idea for that commercial!
As the package states this was used to cut the center out of a piece of bread to create....hamburger buns.....LOL!  Bet you never saw that one coming!

Thanks everyone for all the great guesses....I spent the day laughing out loud....I had great fun and I hope you did too :)



Peppercorns said...

This was a fun one VE. The wasp nest was easy after living in Bishop, CA. LOL

Oops, I should have known Henry, but the Duck should have known all the others. Just saying. :)

Runs With Scissors said...

I said it was a bee's nest, same thing, just sayin'

Oh, tie ons. Is that what Mr. B was telling you? They really are swizzle sticks to tie one on.

jj said...

Never would have guessed a fowl napper thingy. I should have know what the tie ons were, they use a plastic version of them on our trucks.