Tuesday, November 29, 2011


It was almost time for out-of-town company to begin arriving and I was putting the finishing touches on the house.  Thanksgiving was going to be a smooth and flawless day this year.  Then it happened! The towel rod in the guest bath fell off the wall for the last time.  It had always been a problem and this time it just gave up. Totally!

This is what I found on the floor.

Out to the garage I go, mentally trying to figure out a solution, a really fast solution!  The first idea wasted about two hours before I finally decided it was never going to happen.  So I grabbed an unpainted shelf and a can of paint, the brushes, and some screws.

First thing was to patch those huge holes.

We have really terrible dry wall and it's very difficult to hang anything on the walls and have it stay.  So I decided to hang the shelf first and with my Dad's help we got it secure.  Then I was afraid to take it down to paint it so I painted it on the wall.  Not the best idea I've ever had, but the shelf  is still secure.

Next began the search through boxes I hadn't had a chance to unpack yet, looking for four hooks that at least almost matched, and items to put up.  You can't just have a plain white shelf you know.

At last, after going through a huge bag of hooks and about five boxes, it's coming together.  I think I like it so much better than that horrible towel rod.

Here's the finished arrangement.  I admit I bought the green candle sticks a couple of days after Thanksgiving.
We had a wonderful family Thanksgiving and now I have a shelf in the guest bath I can decorate for Christmas too.  How terrific is that!

(Okay, as friends and family know, it still didn't go smooth and flawless.  My wonderful Norwegian baker poisoned my sister and she ended up in ER.  But you'll have to ask her for the details, her name is Vintage Embellishment.)
  Have a great week! Pepper


Runs With Scissors said...

Right, blame it on the baker!

Absolutely beautiful job, pepper! Thanks for sharing with us!

autena said...

Very impressive creativity and spontaneity!

VintageEmbellishment said...

I can't tell you how much I appreciated NOT having the towels fall down on my head...since I seemed to spend a lot of time in that bathroom over Thanksgiving.....LOL! The shelf does look wonderful!

goodgosh said...

I have to say it's a huge improvement over the butt ugly rod you had up there. See, everything happens for a reason. :)

Marlene said...

This is such a cool idea. Although, being a Norwegian I would have painted the shelf first. LOL Looks fantastic!