Monday, October 24, 2011


When I was in college one of my favorite classes was MicroBiology, at least the lab part!

One of our assignments was to culture an unknown organism in a petri dish, growing it, nurturing it and identifying it....

Mine was....Serratia Marcescens...
         Soap Serratia Marcescens

When I saw this soap in CleanerScience I knew what my next Blog Article would be....and yes, I did accurately identify my unknown.

A search with the term microbiology brought up some great items, especially for anyone who loves Science labs....
Here are a few items that I found fun :)

                        Petri Dishes

     S. Pneumoniae Bacteria Necklace

             Microscope Slide Magnets

                  Petri Dish Pendant

                      Microbe T Shirt

               Mixed Microbes Ring

Gram Negative Pink Bacteria Necklace

Just click on the name under each photo to be taken to the item and the shop they can be found in....
If you are a lover of science or need to find the perfect gift for one...maybe something as unique as these items would work for you!



Alice said...

i loved microbio too! this is a great collection :)

Arctida said...

I'm a Microbiologist my self and I love any kind of microbes :) Such a great collection you've got here! and Thank you so much for the feature of my S.Pneumoniae Bacteria Necklace :)


LittleRaraAvis said...

Wow what a fantastic collection!!
Thank you for including my microbes ring:)

Carolina aka Big Helmet Head said...

Love science! What a fantastic selection, thank you for including my Petri Dish pendant :)

Peppercorns said...

Who knew? These are fantastic and just show what great imaginations scientists have. This post immediately made me think of my granddaughter. :)