Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Love Candlesticks, I Really, Really Do

I love candle sticks, all kinds, shapes, sizes, colors, and ages. I have a small collection which is an assortment of vintage, handmade, reproduction, glass, metal, thrift store treasure, and funky. I love them all.

This is my newest favorite. I bought it from a thrift store last week with the idea of selling it, but I've decided I want it.

Here are two I purchased when I was into all things Shabby Chic. I never have gotten around to painting them and I need to do that.

These were a gift when I worked in a crafts mall. They look heavy, but are light weight and have a rough texture on the outside. Actually they look like they were in a fire....I loved them from the moment I saw them. Not old, just funky and fun.

The candlestick with the green base is vintage and one of my favorites, while the Shabby Chic looking one is a reproduction.

This odd assortment is from my last thrift shop trip.  I'm not sure what metal the large one is, but it's a cheapy reproduction. I just thought it looked great with the group.  The other four are glass and nothing special, just add a nice touch.

As you can see, I'm a not "purist" in my collecting, but then I'm not a purist in any of my collections.  I love a nice eclectic mix. Besides, a nice eclectic mix is affordable and much more interesting than a "perfect" collection. 

Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a very special day.


Doodle said...

Very cool collection there Pepperhead. I have a whole new appreciation for candlesticks. :)

jj said...

You have some great candlesticks here. There is something very elegant about candlesticks.

goodgosh said...

I love your collection!