Tuesday, July 19, 2011


My new passion is the felted purse, not for me to make because I believe they are beyond my abilities, but to look at, enjoy, and some day to purchase.  They are so beautiful and the artists who create them have such talent and imagination.  In my many random searches I have found that there is also a wide variety of designs.  To create the felted purse is not an easy, quick little hobby.  It takes extreme patience,  perseverance, dedication, hours of work, and a focus on the end result.

Here are some of the very talented artists who are creating these little masterpieces of  useful art:

Knitted and felted Turquoise Purse

Plain Jane Plum Poppy - Made to Order

Dragonfly Felted Wool Handbag

Rose flower gold, black felted purse

Robin bird in a nest blue, rust felted purse

Alpaca hypoallergenic,camel,rust felted purse

Rosy rust felted purse with lining and pockets

The Beverly Bag

Hand Knit Felted Lucy Bag Raspberry

If you would like to felt your own purse, here's a shop that for $5.00 offers a wide assortment of patterns.

Happy felting!  Pepper, Pep, Helmet Head


Jane's Designs said...

Thank you for featuring my handbag with all these lovely pieces of art.

VintageEmbellishment said...

These truly are works of art!

Shani said...

How Sweet!