Friday, July 15, 2011

A Trip to the Falls

I am a native New Yorker (state, not the city) and every vacation that we went back “home”, a trip to Niagara Falls was on the list of things to do.  One might think that after seeing it a couple times you don’t need to go any more, but it was always a great time with family. 

There also had to be discussions about “which side do we visit this time:  USA or Canada”, or “anyone want to take the boat trip”?  Back in the day, if we left early enough we could go to both USA and Canadian sides, but that was rare.

Here are some great images of the falls. 


There are some places along the river before the falls where you can get so close you can almost feel the rush of the water.  I remember one year I took my video camera, stood as close as I could to the railing and shot from down the river right to the “drop”.  (and tried to do it fast enough that you would get dizzy watching it ~ lol)  With the sound up, you could hear the force of that mighty river.

For some great information and background on the falls, just click the link below.

There is also a “web cam” in the upper left corner that I’m hoping will be working at the time you read this.  (at the time of my posting, it was down for maintenance)

Hope you enjoyed this little trip to Niagara Falls.  If you ever have a chance, I highly recommend a visit.  You won’t regret it!
Have a great weekend
~ Duuude ~

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Peppercorns said...

Oh Duuuude, that is so amazing. I've always been fascinated by Niagara Falls but have never had the chance to visit.

Thanks for the close-up look.