Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Or You Could Visit Bishop, California

Bishop, California is in the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountain range not far from the Nevada stateline. Bishop has a population of about 3500, and it's nearest neighbor, Big Pine has a population of about 1500. The two towns are only about 13 miles apart. Indian reservations are an important part of the area also. To the North is the town of Mammoth Lakes which is well-known for skiing.

There is a Mural Society that has painted several murals on the sides of buildings, depicting the town's history.

Canals run throughout the town. Everyone has a huge inner tube so they can go "tubbing" down the canals.  Walkers and joggers use the paths as well as the dog walkers.

We would pack a lunch and backpack, and hike up into the mountains on trails that follow the creeks. I loved to take a book and when we would stop for a bit, I'd just sit back and have a quiet time reading. For me it was close to heaven.

 I lived here for many years and loved it. Great drinking water, clean air, perfect weather with four seasons (but mild winters). Well, you do get a snowstorm about once or twice a year. The best trout fishing, so many lakes I can't remember how many, but we're talking well over 120! Yep, you're right, I do miss it. I have to admit moving to the desert took a little bit of adjusting to.

The area also abounds with the greatest artists. Watercolor, oil, photography, artists from every media can be found in the Eastern Sierra's.

 Now I've really made myself homesick! Maybe it's time for me to go back for a visit. :)
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Doodle said...

Maybe it's time to tour the country! Love the streams, love the mountains. Yep, I do think it's time for a tour of the countries beautiful scenic hot spots.

VintageEmbellishment said...

I love this area too! Trees, mountains, water...yep...Perfect!