Saturday, April 2, 2011

Let Us Introduce You.....

To some of our shops!

I am VintageEmbellishment and I have 2 shops, but the one I will tell you about today is my shop on   
My husband and I sell vintage and antique items that we think are special, they tend to be functionally quirky and unique.  
We especially love vintage items that someone hand created years ago....items with a wonderful graphic look that can be repurposed for a new use....old chippy paint....typography...signs...well you get the idea!
I was going to show you some of our shop items and then I discovered a treasury curated by 
 that features  an item of ours, this treasury is a perfect example of some of the things we love to find and sell (and keep!)

                         In The Eye Of The Beholder

If you  click on the highlighted shop names and the treasury name it will take you right to them!  Enjoy!  VE
I am known on the blog as RunsWithScissors (Runs) and I have several shops.  The one I'd like to promote today is the one I'm most proud of. 

It's called Old Crow Antiques and it's an online adventure!
I don't specialize in anything, I just have fun with everything!  The items I love the most is souvenir glass but I dabble in a lot more than that.

Stop by and browse, I think you'll like what you see, at least I hope so!
Have a great weekend!
PS:  To our blog followers, feel free to leave your shop information under the comment section!
I am known as jj or justjanesthings on Etsy.
I love creating and have found a lot of satisfaction in making collages and altered art. I have a habit of working small, and have to learn to expand my work. (literally)  If I can add some glitter to things, then it is a good day indeed.

My mom does the stitching and she makes the pincushions and needlebooks. I offer my mom’s things for her (for some reason she wants no part in learning computers and internet)

So my Etsy shop, justjanesthings is a family collective shop.
I have been on there for two years now and have been fortunate enough to meet some really wonderful people.

Come by anytime and have a look.

Howdy ho,
I go by many names ~ Goodgosh, GG, Horse face, MSS, MySeriousSide and others that shall not be mentioned. My real name is Peggy and I'd like to promote my "real" job, my gallery: Mishawaka Art & Frame Gallery in lovely downtown Mishawaka, Indiana.

I spend my days like a gnat bouncing from one project to the next, but my main focus at work is custom framing. You name it, I frame it.

I also carry handmade gifts by artists all over the U.S. and this past year I have added another love of mine, vintage, antique and re-purposed items.

Wish you could all come visit. I could use the help. :)

Sending all that is good, Peggy the Queen of Everything.
Hi, I am Peppercorns2... aka...Pepper, HelmetHead, Linda, Mom.  Actually I answer to a lot of names, guess it depends on who is speaking to me :)
I have 3 online shops but today I want to share my Peppercorns2 on Etsy with you.
I love to create new items, especially ones that involve drawing and painting, a good way for me to do this, in a timely fashion, is in small projects like ACEO cards or gift tags and bags.  I sell these in my Etsy shop along with a blend of vintage items, which is another love of mine.  
There never seems to be enough time for me to do all the things I see in my mind's eye...
Come on over and visit, sit awhile and share a cup of tea....
                                        The Lion's Eye


In some circles I’m known as Doodle or Dude and in other circles I’m known as Jules, but I often answer to anything as long as I know you’re talking to me.  I am one of the partners of Doodle Bea Greeting Cards.  My best friend and I started this business back at the end of 2007.  She’s the artist and I run the website and business.  
You can find us here:

I have to laugh sometimes because we both have our favorites and they are so different.  Sometimes I wonder why she gives me the ones she doesn’t really like, but then again, they sell and that’s what we’re all doing here, right?  
So here are just a couple of our favs:

Feel free to grab a cuppa jo and wander around our store.  We love to do custom/personalized items so if you have any questions, you know where to find us!
"Duuude"  : )



VintageEmbellishment said...

Looking good!

goodgosh said...

This is really nice to see everyones shops and other things they are up to!
Thanks for letting me still tag along. :)