Monday, February 21, 2011

Where do I Store My Stuff!!!!

One of the problems any seller or collector has is how to store the stuff we are selling or the items we don't want to display.
  At our home we love vintage and antique items so over the years we have repurposed some vintage items and now they are our "hidden" storage :)

We love old Hartman suitcases....I use them stacked in my office to store the items I have listed for sale...the tag on the front of each suitcase tells me what is inside it...since I can never remember where each item is!

VintageStation did 2 treasuries full of vintage luggage, all of which is for sale and could soon be your hidden storage area...


I am also a collector of fabric...but where to put it all until I use it????  An old rack full of gym baskets was our solution...each basket labeled as to contents....

Peppercorns2 did a great blog article on vintage wire baskets...check it will find some great ones!
 Vintage Wire Baskets

Another hidden storage in our home is old tool boxes, big ones....we love these because they work wonderfully well as coffee and end tables while hiding all our magazines and books.....

Here are some storage ideas I found on Etsy :)




What ever your storage needs I hope these suggestions start you thinking of unique solutions just for you!



Runs With Scissors said...

Great article! I love it when people re-use things to suit current day stuff. You have great ideas and how wonderful it all looks! Thanks so much for sharing!

Linnet said...

thanks for putting together such a great collection of very useful storage ideas, all with that vintage flair!


Peppercorns said...

I've learned a lot about repurposing for hidden storage from you throughout the years VE. I've lived in some of the dinkiest places and using vintage items for hidden storage has been a blessing!

Thanks VE for all the ideas shown here and the ones you've already given me. LOL

jj said...

These are some great ideas and they look just wonderful.
Thanks for sharing

goodgosh said...

I think I am jealous of you. HOW do you stay so creatively organized???
I have to have things out where I can see them or I forget them.
I love the ideas, I just wish I could implement them!

luckylittledot said...

Such wonderful picks and great ideas. Thank you for thinking to include us!