Wednesday, February 23, 2011



I always had an idea of what steampunk was….well, sort of.
I knew I liked some of the altered pieces I have seen. I love how they use watch parts and little gears and things, but I never really knew the whole story behind it.
The following website explains it much better than I ever could;
This is what it says in the dictionary;
Main Entry:   steampunk
Part of Speech: noun
a genre of science fiction set in Victorian times when steam was the main source of machine power; also written steam-punk

Here I found several different items created in the steampunk style.
These two are made from recycled Altoid tins.

These are done with old book pages;

Of course there are some really cool pieces of jewelry;

This is just fun, I think everyone needs a little UFO.



VintageEmbellishment said...

Steampunk was something I discovered when I first came to Etsy and like you I am fascinated by it...what creative people to take bits and pieces of discarded items and make something unique and beautiful...thanks for posting about this!

goodgosh said...

I LOVE steampunk. I think my fascination with tools, parts and industrial things has something to do with it, but I never thought of someone using pages of books!

Peppercorns said...

I too was introduced to steampunk when I came to Etsy and am fascinated. I love the Altoid tins and have seen so many jewelry pieces I adore. I wish I could have a steampunk collection (since I can't make my own), but alas, that's not possible.

Thanks jj, great post.

Celeste said...

Those altoid tins are awesome! I am currently fascinated by unconventional craft supplies.

Sunny Skye Creations said...

I absolutely love Steampunk! And love that you are getting people excited about it, and helping to define what it is! Thanks so much for sharing my altoids tin! It's one of my favs : )

Runs With Scissors said...

Once again, learn something new at this blog! I was under the impression that steampunk was dark and seedy, you've completely changed my idea about it, it's beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Jack and Cat Curio said...

Thank you so much for including us in your wonderful blog!