Thursday, February 24, 2011

If you can't see you might as well look good when you do.

I forget when I had to start wearing "cheaters", but much to my annoyance I've had to wear them more and more as time goes on.  I figured if people have to wear these why not make them a little bit more interesting?

All you need are reading glasses, (preferably with a wider plastic frame because it won't work on thin metal ones) and paint pens. It's easier if you have the narrow tip ones since the space is so small.

You can go crazy with the colors and designs or you can go more understated which is what I prefer. 
Have fun!
I have probably 6 pairs of these spread out here at work so I have one at hand wherever I'm working. Of course they always seem to disappear, but God forbid I start wearing them on a string around my neck! If I do that you will hear me wail "I've become my mother!" clear to China.

Peggy ~ Goodgosh ~ GG 


Peppercorns said...

I've worn glasses since first grade and never once thought to decorate them! LOL

This is a fun idea and I think I may try it, but your mind still scares me. :0)

Runs With Scissors said...

what a timely post, I'm waiting for my new glasses to come in and can't wait to get them. I went with decorative this time and ordered retro ones!

Pep, I've worn glasses since the sixth grade.

Doodle said...

Didn't get my glasses until my first job: face to face with a computer screen all day. Nice idea, but I think we should have had a photo of Ms. GG to see how those "personally" decorative ones look ON.

(Pepper, she does have a unique mind, that's for sure)


jj said...

I have a bunch of these floating around too, but I get the ones with rhinestones and stuff on them already. May have to try decorating them myself though :)

- said...

Great idea. I have them everywhere.