Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wee things

Ever since I was little, I have been attracted to miniature items.
I had a dollhouse and was always making tiny little things to go in there.
The smaller the better.
I used to drive my mother nuts when I would loose a tooth and write notes to the tooth fairy. I would write it in the smallest hand writing I could and of course would always ask questions and expect a miniature answer. I know she was relieved when I finally stopped putting my teeth under the pillow.
(one of my little wee creations)

All things small fascinated me, and they still do.
Handcrafted items always amaze me and then to see them done in miniature, well, that just blows my mind.

Look at these itty bitty butterflies by GodsFlyingFlowers

These miniature pottery houses by  thelittlereddoor are just adorable


This looks good enough to eat, but one would need a slightly larger portion.

Miniature and recycled, by valeriescollectibles Wonder where I could use this?

Oh how sweet is this little album by jdayminis

Now we must not forget vintage items. There are plenty of miniature things in this department also.
Look at this little teapot charm, made from a penny!

How about some mini vintage salt and pepper shakers?

Now I think I have fallen in love with this mini picture….

Some miniature steins…from chapelworks

I could go on and on…. there are so many really cool items, handmade and vintage, but this is supposed to be a mini post and I cannot take up everyone’s spot for the next week….lol
(well… I could, but they may get mad at me…)

Have a wonderful day and remember good things come in small packages.



Runs With Scissors said...

OMG, these are amazing! I love them all! I was going to try and pick one item out to comment about but they are all so neat!

Can you link the tiny stars? Doesn't say where they are from :o)

thelittlereddoor said...

small things, huge awesome :) thank you so much for this kind feature!

goodgosh said...

Oh, there are so many comments I could make.
The story about you and the tooth fairy cracks me up, what a weird child you were. :)

Love miniatures too! I always loved the story of the Borrowers and always liked to imagine there were little people who needed those little things.

Peppercorns said...

These are adorable "wee things". I find the little mini items so facinating, and all of these are awesome.

Doodle said...

I cannot begin to imagine making such wee things. I'm in awe! Everything is so cool.

A Collective Journal said...

Aren't these just some of the sweetest things!
I know people sometimes say bigger is better, but I am all for the itsy bitsy items :)

GG, I knew you would be amused about the tooth fairy...*snicker*

VintageEmbellishment said...

And if you collect miniatures you can have a huge collection that fits in a box!
Great finds JJ :)

Meghan Byrnes said...

Thank you so much for including my tiny penny teapot! I love miniatures too... when in was around 7, my parents had to work for the whole summer and so they hired a nanny who happened to make and restore doll houses. We spent all summer in the kitchen assembling tiny tables from spools and little fruits and vegetables from clay. At the end of the summer my mom bought me one of my nanny's most stellar creations: an antique shop/general store dollhouse that I've kept to this day. I spent so many hours in that little world that every tiny object in there holds a memory! There's just something so amazing about the world of small things... :)

Woodland Fairy Village said...

Such amazing miniatures, and the butterflies are incredible. I see this post was a while ago but I found it online and had to stop by. I too am in love with miniatures. Great post!