Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mosaic boxes, planters or whatever you want to call them.

I have the attention span of a gnat so I get an idea and am not satisfied until I run like a bat out of hell to gather everything I need to make it, and then I let it sit for a month or so until I actually can focus long enough to do it.

Such is the case with these funky boxes. I had the idea, figured I knew what I'd need so don't bother researching, ran back to work, made some boxes out of wood and eventually got around to doing some.  

Here's my first one....

I just take whatever bits and pieces of things I can find, including some "bad choices" in thrifting.  I first bought a bag of cement to do it and it wasn't the look I wanted, too rough.  So then I went and bought a bag of brick mortar, and that fell right off the side of the box when it dried. (insert *sigh*) So then I went back AGAIN and bought a bag of thin-set mortar after talking to 3 guys at Lowe's about what I was doing. That was the look I wanted yet I found it also tends to fall off after drying . (insert bigger *sigh*)  Thankfully, it would fall off as a whole side piece so I'd just glue it back on.  I know now what I need to do ~ I just haven't mustered the enthusiasm to do it again. Plus I got distracted. :)

Christmas box ~ this one I did on an old drawer that still had the handle on one side. It looked cool. Sold.
I've done several others that I forgot to take pictures of that have sold also. Note to you all..take pictures of things that you do, they are great for reference later on!

Another note to you all...don't have more than one man at one time give you advice at a home improvement store.

Peggy ~ GG ~ Goodgosh ~ Pony girl 


Runs With Scissors said...

Who knew? Peggy, these are wonderful, why have you kept them a secret from us?

Nice job and thanks for stepping up to the plate with today's post!

Peppercorns said...

You are so full of talent and surprises! I would call these "free style" mosaics and they are wonderful.

Yes, you should always take pictures of your work. :0)

goodgosh said...

I'm full of secrets. :)

Thank you and good call pepper head! I like style. Sort of ethereal... like me.


VintageEmbellishment said...

You seem to share my problem, once you figure out how to do something it isn't fun anymore...I guess that means we are "problem solvers"....LOL!

The 2 you showed us are wonderful!

jj said...

Great post... (I couldn't have done better myself...what are you going to post for tomorrow?

I love these boxes and you can have so much fun with them!

Peppercorns said...

Ethereal!?!? You are so funny gg...........lololololol