Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jigsaw Anyone?

Are people still facinated with jigsaw puzzles? You betcha! There are even organizations dedicate to the avid jigsaw puzzle fan. There are people that search the world for the oldest, most unusual, or devote their collections to specific catagories.

We've been enjoying jigsaw puzzles since 1760. Well, maybe saying that we've been enjoying them is stretching it a bit since the first puzzles were designed to teach British children their geography. In fact puzzles are still a good educational tool for children today.

The first puzzles were made of maps mounted on a sheet of hardwood until plywood came to be used. On some of the older puzzles that had illustrations glued or painted on the front of the wood, the pencil tracings can still be found. I'd love to see some of these! In the late 1800's cardboard was introduced, and today we have both cardboard and wood puzzles.

The jigsaw puzzle became extremely popular during the depression because for a little bit of money, a family could be entertained for several hours, then dismantle the puzzle and start all over again.

Here are a few examples I've found of jigsaw puzzles, some old, some new, some for children, and some for adults. You can find maps of states and countries, animals, inventions, fine art, movies, famous people, and about anything else you can imagine. My family enjoys doing puzzles and my father has just introduced my little granddaughter to jigsaw puzzles and she is so fascinated that we bought her several for Christmas. So another generation joins the fan club!

Vintage 1942 Cardeno Poker Keno Jigsaw Puzzle Game
Vintage Captain Kangaroo Puzzle 1973


Here is a link for American Jigsaw Puzzle Society. Tons of information.



goodgosh said...

You stinker! I was going to do something on puzzles, but that's okay pep pep pepper head. :)
I had no clue they've been around that long!

I do puzzles in the winter since I can't go outside, glue them to foam core and hang them in my garage for something cheerful. :)

VintageEmbellishment said...

We taught our kids the alphabet, their numbers, colors, map of the US...all with wood puzzles...they played and they learned!

You know, my Dad loves jigsaw puzzles too...
At first I thought you meant you had been doing puzzles since 1760...but I know your not that old! LOL!

Doodle said...

Maybe I should send some of you my jigsaw puzzles? They are fun, but sometimes maddening. A true test of patience sometimes. haha I love the variety and I really do have some favorites.

Thanks for sharing Pepper. :)

(we even have one of those mats to roll up so we don't have to put it away when we need the table)