Friday, January 14, 2011

A Daughter's Perspective

Not too long ago I shared about having to de-clutter and may have even shared some photos.  Well, as I’ve continued on that “project”, I’ve come across some unusual things, treasured items (like the postcard I shared last week), but I think even more than those things, I’ve been taken back in time to the memories of my Dad’s workshop.  He was a warehouseman by trade, but his garage ~ THAT was his domain.  Tools, wood, nuts and bolts and screws and nails, and mustn’t forget the graph paper.  I remember he would tell my Mom, “I’ll be out tinkering for a while”, and we knew we wouldn’t see him for some time.  And eventually, he would come and “show” us his latest.

He loved making wooden things.  I wish had kept photos of everything and I’m sure that somewhere in our photo boxes, there are some.  Things like a refrigerator and stove for my nieces that must have stood 3 foot high at least (and yes, they even opened up), toy chests, alphabet trains and semi trucks, and even some games.  Some things are still in the house, and so I took some photos to share with you. 

Burnt wire brushed picture frame

I loved this technique he used.  Burn the wood, get a wire brush and scratch it, dust it off, then stain and varnish it.  He made a TV stand doing this same process.

Storage cabinets on wheels

Made a few storage cabinets, but this is coolest because it included 3 drawers with little sections - perfect for embroidery.

Cassette storage boxes

I can't believe how many of these are in the house.  There are 2 of the simple ones, and maybe 3 of the nice ones, and he also made that nice one in a shorter version.  We had lots of cassettes back then!

The Doll House - our pride and joy

My sister had asked for a doll house.  Once Dad made it, she started buying small furniture:  some already made, some kits.  And some things in the kitchen, I think my Dad made.

The chimney - inside and out.

He took the time to notch out the chimney so it looks like bricks.  And you can't see the roof, but sandpaper, cut into rectangles as shingles.
The inside of the doll house - complete with stairs!

Once the inside was done, each room was painted, carpeted or tiled and even poles where put up for drapes.  Not sure if they ever got put in there though.

I learned a lot from my Dad but wish I had spent more time in his “domain” with him, learning everything, being like a sponge.  I don’t think there was anything he couldn’t do if he put his mind to it.  And maybe someday, I’ll attempt to “create” something wooden.  But until then, I have my memories and some trinkets.  Though I can’t take everything with me, I’ll sneak a few things out into my new home.    J

Thanks for letting me share a bit of my family with you.  Have a great weekend.
Duude  (aka Julie)


VintageEmbellishment said...

Your Dad was a true craftsman, don't sell anything he created...keep it, share it, store it..but don't let it out of the family :)
Once gone you can never get it back....

jj said...

Very nice Julie. A very talented man.
Looking back I think there are things we all wish we learned. But we can treasure what we did and what they left in our care :)

goodgosh said...

I love this "ode to dad"! Those are treasures to have in the family to be passed down, what a neat man.

Peppercorns said...

I think it is so wonderful that you have these treasures your Dad made. He was so talented and I love that cabinet with the divided drawers.