Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Yes, You Can Do It!

Have you ever wondered how something is created? I discovered a new technique while on a trip and decided to try my hand at it, and take pictures of the steps as I went along. Here are the results.

Step One: I selected the background paper from my stash of scrapbook paper (don't use card stock) and a 3" X 3" square, stretched canvas. Measure the canvas and around the edges allowing enough scrapbook paper to cover completely. ( A 3 X 3 stretched canvas took a 5 X 5 piece of paper.)

Step Two: Spray the background paper with two coats of matte finish. This protects the paper and gives a good painting surface.

Step Three: Center and base coat your design. If you don't feel comfortable painting freehand, tracing is a great option. TIP: I cut out a second square the size of my paper, centered the canvas and traced around it, then cut out the center square. Put this on top of your background paper and you will be able to easily center your design.

Step Four: Apply shading and details to your painting. When the painting is complete and dry, spray with another coat of matte finish.

Step Five: Apply your words. These can be free hand, rub-ons, or stamped. Which ever works for you. Remember to add your signature. Spray with another coat of matte finish. I let this dry overnight to make sure it was completely dry and cured.

Step Six: To center the painting on the canvas I layed my cut out paper down first, placed my canvas over the cut out section, then placed my painting on top of this. Because the cut out and the background paper are the same size, if you line up the sides, your design will be centered.

To glue the background paper/painting to the canvas I used Liquitex Matte Gel (Medium) and applied it to the back of the paper and the canvas and let it dry. I think white glue would work fine. Let this dry. Fold the sides over and glue using the same method. Let this dry.

Step Seven: The final step is to cover the entire piece (top and sides) with either a glazing medium or a liquid poly finish. I used two coats of glazing medium, just because I like the depth of color it gives. I would think you could use a spray gloss or satin gloss also.

I hope you have fun with this. It really comes together quickly, the only waiting is for the piece to dry between steps.



goodgosh said...

Wowza! Great end product, I love your flowers!
What was that red flower you started with? Was that a drawing of yours or one out of a book or a real one?

A Collective Journal said...

Thanks gg! I have to admit the rose I started with is a Priscilla Hauser rose. It's quick and easy so I use it a lot in a variety of ways.

The leaves are mine though and I wish the tinted shading had shown up in the pictures. Maybe it's just too light.

VintageEmbellishment said...

Since I have no ability to draw and paint I am really thankful I have a sister who can do this! Awesome....

jj said...

Wow Pepper! I love seeing how people do things and different methods!
Thanks for sharing and the step by step instructions. So simple but looks so awesome!

bowbyjessica said...

This is great, thanks so much for posting!

A Collective Journal said...

VE, jj, and bowbyjessica, thanks for the kind words and I'm glad you like it. I plan to do more of these because they're fun and quick. And I like fun and quick. LOL

Doodle said...

I can relate VE ~ there is no artistic drawing/painting ability in me at all. I just love your artwork, Pepper.

Very nice post, great step by step. Thanks for sharing that with us!