Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Wooden Santa Egg

Okay, I have a thing for Santas….and over the years I have come up with different ways for making them.
Several years ago I started decorating and painting wooden eggs.  I started with the largest one which is about 2” tall down to the smallest which is about 1” tall.
 I use dimensional fabric paint for the texture of the beards and for some of the other embellishments. The designs and patterns on their coats are all painted on. For the fur I used snow paint.  
Once again I get ideas and colors from old vintage postcards and illustrations of all different kinds of Santas.
I don’t remember how I started painting on the eggs, it was just one of those things I picked up and started doing. From there I started painting on all kinds of small wooden shapes.  I have painted small boxes, sleds, little wooden spoons, and even clothespins. Some of these have more detail, some have less. I tried some wood burning and liked the results of that with a little bit of color added.
One day I got my hands on some unpainted nesting dolls and tried them out.  They took a while to do, as they were bigger than the eggs, but I had just as much fun creating them as the eggs. They would never compete with the Russian nesting dolls, but they were my own style and I was happy enough with them.

I haven’t painted any of these eggs or nesting dolls in a few years, as I moved on to other projects. But, I am thinking it may be time to go back…if my reading glasses will let me see to paint so tiny these days.
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goodgosh said...

And I sit here wondering...why doesn't she do more of these to sell so the rest of us have a shot? You are multi-talented Jane!

Meeling said...

Those are adorable! I want a set!!! Make some more...please!

Doodle said...

Those are pretty awesome there JJ. I DO believe you need to make more. Awesome Christmas decor!

Great post!

VintageEmbellishment said...

Wow! I agree, you need to do some of these to sell...if we can't have your Dad's wonderful carved Santa's these would go a long way in making us feel less deprived!

Just sayin....

A Collective Journal said...

You guys are so funny!
I promise I will get to work on some of these eggs! (along with my list of other things to make)
I will let you know when they are ready for sale :)

Happy Hound Creative said...

These are so wonderful JJ!! I think you need to make more!!

earthlyjewels said...

I hope you do keep making them. These are really lovely!