Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall Giveaway!

We are pleased that we have reached 100 followers to our blog!  In appreciation, we are having a giveaway.
Rules, please read carefully!
1.  Guess how many loose Pez candies are encased in this bowl without going over!
2.  Email your guess along with your name and how you can be contacted (if you are the winner) to ArtistandPickers@aol.com
3.  Please do NOT write your guess in the comments of the blog, all entries must be emailed to the above address.
4.  In the event of a tie, the first guess emailed will be declared the winner.
Contest runs from Tuesday, Oct. 19th. to Monday, Oct. 25th at Midnight EST.

Dimensions of the bowl are 12 1/4" wide by 5 3/4" high, if that's any help!
Now for the prizes!  We have gone with a Fall theme and they are as follows.
1.  Needle felted pumpkin from VintageEmbellishment
2.  An original handpainted work of art ACEO from Peppercorns2
3.  Vintage pair of bear salt and pepper shakers from MySeriousSide
4.  Vintage pin and handmade tags from DoodleVintagePlus
5.  10 handmade Moravian stars from JustJanesThings
6.  Hand stitched primitive pumpkin picture from VintageStation
Prizes valued over $70!!!
Thank you so much to those shops that have donated prizes! 
Have fun!


Doodle said...

I can't believe you have all that Pez candy. LOL

goodgosh said...

Holy pez candy Batman! How did you get them in that bowl and what IS that bowl? Can I guess, huh? Huh?

VintageEmbellishment said...

WooHoo! This is fun!

jj said...

Cool bowl! what would you fill it with normally?

Awesome prizes for this contest!

A Collective Journal said...

Wouldn't it be neat with jelly beans or you could use it for veggies. At Christmas, fill it with red and green candy. I'm sure you could use it for baby charms and such for a shower. Possibilities are endless.

Doodle said...

I don't think I've ever seen such a bowl. Very cool! We are all coveting it!!!!!!!

Diana said...

That bowl must be some sort of torture device for children. Children who want candy.

A Collective Journal said...

Diana, that reminds me of a story! I had a tablecloth on my picnic table one summer that had watermelons on it. There were slices and seeds throughout it. I looked one morning and there were two mourning doves on the table and they were trying to pick up the seeds out of the tablecloth, it was hysterical and torture!

BijiBijoux said...
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BijiBijoux said...

So yummy pez candy!

Kimberly said...

Thanks for the chance to win such great prizes!