Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A publication that I love

A few years ago I came across a really cool publication called Somerset Studio. I fell in love with this magazine.    
I, personally like the ones more along the lines for mixed media and altered art. As I read and looked at some of their other publications, I saw that they had one for just about every kind of artwork or creating. They have one for jewelry, sewing, card making, handbags, going green, just about anything you can imagine. (they even have one for the art of blogging!)

They have a relatively new publication called Somerset Apprentice that shows you in-depth step by step techniques. 
This is nice, as I am always looking for different styles and methods. It is fun to try new things and to experiment outside your usual comfort zone. Sometimes I try to figure out how to get a certain look or something done a certain way and have gotten some great ideas from reading one of these publications.
 Another thing that I like about these magazines is that they have monthly contests you can enter your work in. So, some of your own handmade creations could be published. How cool would that be? 
There is an interactive feel to the articles and the artists that they feature are willing to share their experience and methods.
The actual publication is beautifully done, from the quality of the pages, to the photographs. (even their ads) Most of these are quarterly publications and can be a little expensive, but even buying just one or two of them, is well worth it.
         I really like their publications and just wanted to share them with you. It was through this magazine where I first learned about Etsy, and got started on another avenue of my artwork.
You can also purchase supplies and other materials from their website.

          This is their home page


goodgosh said...

I love looking through quirky magazines for inspiration and ideas so thanks for the thumbs up!
You can tell a lot by looking at the covers of magazines and these look creative and different.

Peppercorns said...

I just know I could get lost in these publications and never be seen again. LOL

We've talked about these magazines before, and now I know I just have to check them out! Thanks for the reminder jj.

VintageEmbellishment said...

I am always on the lookout for a good magazine, especially now that so many of my favs are no longer published...thanks for the heads up on these :)

Doodle said...

If only I were more "artistic". But love the fun stuff you're finding.