Monday, September 20, 2010

Where do you find your “stuff”????

As sellers of vintage and antique items one of the most frequently asked questions is this one…

So I am going to do a show and tell…show you an item and tell you where we found it…sort of!

The leather bound books with marbled covers  and the hand painted fruit plates were found at an Estate Sale….
Wondering how to find an Estate Sale in your area?  Try this link…

An Estate Sale tip… prices are frequently slashed by 30 to 50% on the last day of the sale, of course if you had your eye on something special it may well have sold!


The old wood spools with silk thread and the fabulous silverplate trophy urn were purchased at a swap meet/flea market…

Do I have a link for swap meets?  Yes, 2 links in fact!

The vintage bowls and the galvanized metal tool carrier were garage sale finds…you can find garage sales listed in your local papers or local Craigs List.

Another question we are frequently asked is “How much did you pay for that”?  

The answer to that is….I give out that information on a need to know basis and You Don’t Need to Know!

Happy Hunting….

Check out  for our own treasure hunt….Sept. 19 - Sept.25!


goodgosh said...

These are questions I've wondered myself so thanks for sharing! You find the coolest things and I love your shop!! Thanks for the links, great info!
Question: With yard sales and estate sales being more scarce in the winter what do you do then?

Peppercorns said...

Great post and thanks for the links. I know I need to begin checking out the estate sales and swap meets here. "Just moved here" is no longer a viable excuse for being lazy. LOL

P.S. I love those books! Wonderful find.

Doodle said...

Great post and can't wait to use those links. I'm learning so much on here.

Me said...

Great post and thanks for the information. Would you guys have resources for researching treasures we may have in our own homes?

jj said...

Good job...I love show and tell :)
It is always fun to see where people find what.
Great links too!

VintageEmbellishment said... can always convo me and I will try to lead you to a resource :)