Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Seriously, Can You Help Me?

All of the previous posts have been informative or instructional, this one is neither.

Several years ago I read an article about these unique little ceramic pieces and their popularity.   Then one day while treasure hunting, I found this one. However, now I can't find the article, which has to be the only one I don't have, and I find very little helpful information.

The original sticker on the bottom says "OriginalArnartCreation", "Japan". It also has the two crossed feathers and the numbers 33/156 (no letters).

The PM&M (Porcelain Marks & More) website discusses the authenticity (or not) of arrows with three or more feathers, however, mine has only two feathers on each arrow. I cannot find a makers mark that matches what I have, or mention of this mark as being fake.

This is a small piece which measures 3 1/2" high X 4" across, is round, and has fruit, leaves, and tiny flowers on the top.

Can someone help me, or lead me to a website that gives more specific information for Arnart?
Thank you!



Runs With Scissors said...

This is a beautiful piece, Pepper!

Here's a few links I found:

http://erichstauffer.com/porcelain-marks/arnart-imports-porcelain-marks (there's an address included on this one, maybe you could write them for information)

Hope this helps!

goodgosh said...

Um. Um.
Doesn't VE know?
It's pretty ~ does that help?


VintageEmbellishment said...

Here is a link on arnart history and marks...


Pretty piece, maybe you can find more :)

A Collective Journal said...

VE & Runs, thanks for the help and links. I'll check each one of them out.

I like this piece too, Runs.

No gg, VE doesn't know the answer to this one. LOL

janalglaz said...

Anyone found out more about this item? I just got one at an Auction. Would love to know more about it & it's value.

janalglaz said...

Anyone find out more about this item? I just got one myself at an auction. Would like to know what kind of value it has.
Can reply at @grics.net

davismac said...

I also have a 2' tall center piece fruit basket with only 2 feathers 33/196 inherited from my Grandmother. Based on her other collections, "it ain't cheap"