Wednesday, May 9, 2012

On the Road again

As I'm getting ready to leave for a long weekend get away, I thought it might be fun to show you some of the places I'll be going.

Thursday, I spend all day at thrift shops, just hopping from one to the other.  This is my first stop, Re-Uzit   You must get there early or there's NO parking!  I kid you not.  This is a two story building that I can get lost in.  It's really neat because they arrange it by rooms in a house, like if you want to look at bed linens, you go into the bedroom, kitchenware is in the kitchen etc.  There's a reading room, Christmas room, craft room, whew, I'm all ready tired. Along the way, I'll stop and have lunch in the cafeteria here:   Shady Maple  OMG, you can't believe this place.  I won't do the buffet, if I did, I'd have to roll myself out to my car and it would slow me down!

Friday, I start out the day at Green Dragon, finish up on thrift shops, visit Weavers Country Store and start on some antique shops.  My usual routine is to start at the furthermost store and stay on one side of the road, then the next day, I go to the other side of the road!  I love the antique malls and here is one of the best:  Mad Hatters  which is located in an old hat factory!

Saturday is a flea market at Shupp's Grove.  This one is held both Sat. and Sun, so if it's cold and rainy on Sat., I save it for Sunday.  Continue along the way with more antique shops and malls.

Sunday is a flea market called Renninger's.  This one is only on Sunday's, so if it rains that day, I'm bummed.  But there are a lot of shops inside to visit.  By now, I'm usually exhausted so it's usually an early day back at the hotel.  

Along Route 272 alone, there's so many antique shops, you wouldn't believe it.  It's known as Antique Capital, USA  I was trying to find a map that shows them all!  I think there's somewhere around 5,000 places to visit, so if you plan a trip, make sure you give yourself a ton of time.  Lancaster is only a short 15 minute drive from here, so that's something else to think about!



Doodle said...

I'm tired just reading about your trip, but I sure do look forward to seeing what you take back home. I was in Lancaster a few years back but didn't get to see much. Did notice however all those silly town names that PA has.

I'll check out all those locations you posted later. I'm afraid if I go now, I'll get lost. I think I might need some time to visit. ha

Have a great time!

Peppercorns said...

WOW! I would love to be with you! We don't have these shops where I live because if it's over 30 years old we blow it up...yes we do.

Take lots of pictures for us, please...:)