Monday, February 27, 2012


What is it? Let's play a game....

This is an item that was given to me by Mr. B.
Can you guess what it is?  It is an everyday item.  Probably in your kitchen right now.
Here are a few more pictures to help.

Have fun and enter your answers (or guesses) in the comments section. prizes will be given.  The reward is how superior you will feel to everyone else if your answer is corrrect.

VE and Mr. B are not eligible to submit an answer.



Runs With Scissors said...

I can pretty much guarantee that thing is NOT in MY kitchen.

They look like yellow Peeps in some of the photos.

Runs With Scissors said...


VintageEmbellishment said...

I know! I know! Oh, oh...I know what it is!

Doodle said...

I have seen some lemons grow that way. I think Runs is right. A very strange lemon! Are we right? huh, are we????

Runs With Scissors said...

The suspense is killing me, I couldn't sleep last night!

A Collective Journal said...

CONGRATULATIONS! The Duck and Duuuude are right! It's one lemon, grown in So. Cal.

It looks like a work of art, so of course I couldn't cut it up and use. Thanks for playing. :)

(I hope you can sleep tonight Runs. LOL)