Wednesday, December 14, 2011

what the flock?

I was going to start with Nativities, but thought I would have a little fun and start with some flocked Christmas animals. This first one was picked with a certain someone in mind...(they know who they are)
 Here are some traditional Christmas animals
This one has a mix, some reindeer and then a lion and a couple of moose (pl ?)


How cute is this little lamb?
Now I am moving onto some Nativities. My mom always put out her hand-carved Anri Nativity. She started with just a few of the major pieces and each year my father would add to her collection. All of them were carved beautifully, but the animals always kept my attention. Here are a couple of animals that once again caught my eye. 
I don't know what it is about this donkey, but I just love it.

This camel seems to have some attitude (which I also love)
 I found this neat Creche Manger

 and here is one all ready to be set up
if you already have a creche or just want the figures, this is for you

 This little one is perfect if you don't have much room or would like to hang it on your tree.

 If you are more into a modern version, check out this handmade set

 or this one of a more simple but elegant design

 Whatever your taste, you can find just about anything that will meet your needs. 

So now we have wreaths done and table settings, nativities and some flocked animals thrown in for good measure......I wonder what will come next...? I guess if you really want to know you will have to check in tomorrow and Friday to find out. (I am sure it will be interesting) 

hmmm, maybe next week we will post some of our favorite Christmas recipes....maybe not

have a good one.


Runs With Scissors said...

Who knew there were flocked owls? Is that a toenail for it's beak? Wow!

Great post, jj!

Peppercorns said...

The little lamb is precious! And owls always remind me of a certain special person. :)

I love all the animals and nativity sets. You did good jj.

goodgosh said...

I love the nativity scenes! And I'm partial to the donkey and camel myself. :)