Monday, December 5, 2011

Time To Decorate the Christmas Tree!

This week we will each be taking a turn adding to our Christmas Tree..But before we start decorating here is a link to some history about the Christmas Tree.

                  The Christmas Archives

I found some wonderful tree toppers to share with you, but a word of warning...if you see something you it now!  Many of the ones I found sold before I could use them in this article...they are a hot item this time of year!

Our family tree is topped with a felt angel I made several years ago...but if you need a new one, let me show you what I found.

If the traditional is what you want look at this vintage mercury glass topper from Aunt Sues Vintage...

   Mercury Glass Vintage Tree topper

         Hallmark Angel Tree Topper

The most popular toppers are the one above from designer2.... and stars....I found this wonderful hand crafted star in cnash12's shop.

                Star Tree Topper

If the rustic nature looks works best for you, how about this bird on twigs that lintandlavender has in their shop?

Hand sewn Wool Felt Bird and Tree Topper

I love this whimsical red nose reindeer I found in millercampbell...wouldn't this be the perfect topper on a tree?

           Folk Art Red Nose Reindeer

For those of you who are nostalgic for the mid-century period and remember the aluminum trees...look what I found!  This would be perfect on your tree, it is waiting for you at Ormolou....

I have not neglected those who like a modern, trendy look....dwarfstardesign is the shop you want to look in!

   Iridescent Acrylic Sunburst topper

I hope these suggestions get you started...just click on the name under each photo to be taken to the shop :)  Have fun and find something wonderful that will start a tradition at your house!


designer2 said...

That is so neat, thank you for including designer2 in your collective journal. Phyllis

Runs With Scissors said...

Wow, some really neat items here, VE! I love Aunt Sue's glass topper! And the flash topper, too. And the reindeer, well, I love them all!

Aunt Sue said...

What a swell display of tree toppers!!!
Thanks so much for including mine!

Peppercorns said...

These are great toppers. It's impossible to choose which one I like best.

jj said...

awesome tree toppers VE.
I lean towards the old ones, but all of these are great. I think I need more than one

Bethlesvintage said...

Great blog! Love Aunt Sues tree topper!!They are all beautiful and would be perfect tops to any tree!

Judy said...

Now that's Christmas Cheer in a blog! Of course, I'm partial to the tree stand collection you discovered,~ thanks for the inclusion!