Monday, December 12, 2011

Decorating Your Home For Christmas

                  Shiny Brite Wreath

Last week we decorated the Christmas tree...I know, I know, I started at the top which kinda created a problem for the others who needed to actually stand the tree up and put the other ornaments on.... So today I will start at the front door....with a wreath :)

Actually, my wreath is hanging over our fireplace....but the front door seems like such a welcoming idea!

I found lots of wonderful wreaths and some of them are suitable to leave hanging up in your home all year this one!
A beautiful wreath created from pages of a book...

                       Book Wreath

I would leave this next one up all year long also, although it was created as a Christmas wreath it would be a fabulous decor item for a home, especially if you are using the trendy gray colors as part of your decorating scheme...don't you think this would be lovely hanging against a gray wall??

   White and Gray Felt Christmas Wreath

For those of you with children, how happy would this look hanging in their room...or the family room :)  And if you want to gift it to someone it comes in a pizza box...that can be fun is that!

                   Crayon Wreath

Need something for the man cave?  Look at this!

              Shotgun Shell Wreath

You want a vintage wreath you say???  Well OK, how about these :)

       Bottle Brush Christmas Wreath

           Red Bottle Brush Wreath

And last but certainly not least...if your house has an elegance about it, these would be perfect....2 tiny vintage wreaths...

        Small Silver Bottlebrush Wreaths

Or one newly created from vintage mercury glass ornaments...although if you want one like this you will need to place your order...for NEXT year...that's how popular these are!

     Elegant Christmas Ornament Wreath

To view any of these...and the shops they are in...please click on the name below each photo...

Hope you have a great time decorating...check in each day to see what other treasures have been found for you....we love to shop...especially with someone else's money :)



Runs With Scissors said...

BEAUTIFUL!! I love the bottle brush ones!

Peppercorns said...

These are wonderful! The bottle brush wreaths bring back wonderful memories.

goodygirlred said...

I love all of them~great post!

goodgosh said...

Oh my gosh, love the wreaths! I want a cool wreath!!

Holly said...

thank you so much for using my Rainbow brite, shiny brite wreath ;)

Holly said...

thank you for adding my Rainbow brite shiny brite wreath. I appreciate the love. ;)