Wednesday, October 12, 2011

trick or treat

Halloween is rapidly approaching. Now that my girls are older well, they don't go trick or treating anymore.
I kind of miss the days of taking them around, but then again it is kind of nice not to. 
One of the houses all the kids loved to stop at was a neighbors house. They would make each child perform a trick before they got any treat. It could be something as simple as standing over a (glass) milk bottle and trying to drop wooden clothespins into it. The kids always giggled as they left the house, no matter how well they did...(and every child always left with a treat)

Here are some "tricks" I found;

here are some treats


I would have loved to have gotten any of these treats.....

Now of course you need something to carry these goodies in. How about that good ole friendly ghost Casper?

There are way too many treats, and I had a hard time picking out just a few. So I hope you enjoy and drool a little over the ones I choose.



Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great collection! Thank you so much.

Runs With Scissors said...

That apple treat makes me want one!

Peppercorns said...

Oh I those little pumpkins look soooooo good. :)

Great post that's full of ideas. Thanks jj.

cocostives said...

Boo! What a lot of fun, and I'm pleased to see Sim Sala Bim's tricks in such good company. Thanks!