Thursday, September 15, 2011

Unique Artist Structures Continued

This week, I'm going to start with unique and strange buildings.

Mammy's Cupboard:  Adams Co - MS
Fish House:   Alameda Co - CA
Visitor Information Center:  Anchorage, AK  (grass roof)
Fish Building:   Cass Co - MN
Leaning Tower:   Cook Co - IL
Mortar & Pestle Bldg:   Fayette Co - KY
Mother Goose Cafe:   somewhere in Florida
Big Pump:   Gentry Co - MO
Dog Bark Park Inn:   Idaho Co - ID
Coffee Pot Diner, circa 1931:   Maricopa Co - AZ
Goose House:   Perry Co - KY
Coke Cup Building:  Sacramento Co - CA 

Redwood Village House:   Santa Cruz Co - CA
Ice Cream Cone Building:   Sarasota Co - FL

More to come next week!
Have a great day,


Peppercorns said...

What an interesting assortment of buildings! I like the Redwood Village House, but the Fish House is just creepy. LOL

But that's just my humble opinion. :)

jj said...

Ha! these are great. Can you imagine giving someone directions and just telling them to turn left at the fish house, you can't miss it....lolol!

VintageEmbellishment said...

I think the ice cream cone is my fav!