Friday, September 9, 2011

Team Works

When Etsy decided to go the “team” route and removed all the regular forums, we decided to make a team as well.  And of course, we had to keep our name “A Collective Journal”.  So today, I decided to feature some of the members of our Etsy team ~ and I managed to make another Etsy treasury.  (for those that know me, I don’t do them often, and I often struggle with getting them to work) 

Hope you enjoy these shops ~ a variety of vintage, handmade and just plain fun! Just click on the item to go to the shops, or click on the name "Team Works" and go to the full treasury and see them all.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.
~~~  Duuude  ~~~


Marlene said...

Making me feel guilty that I haven't had much time lately to spend with my team. Things should slow down here pretty soon to just a jog. :) Thanks dude!

jj said...

nice dude! You picked some great items.
No "guilties" Marlene, we have all been busy... :)

Peppercorns said...

jj's right Marlene, no "quilties".

We have some really great team members. Thanks for giving me a little nudge Duuuude. :)

jj said... made me go and double check what I wrote....guilties or

Doodle said...

Hey all, we don't need any guilt going on. I think we all get busy and just don't get over there often. It's okay, just share when you can ~ and keep up the good work on your shops!!!